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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Holidays with the fam is as much a blessing as it is a curse. While we love seeing that one cousin this time of year, that doesn’t make up for the political arguments, explaining human rights, and all that jazz. So for those of you who would rather relax during their mandated days off instead of arguing with their Midwest Uncle who rocks a certain red hat, please keep on reading and find out where you and your partner can sneak away to and enjoy the holidays, drama free!

Honolulu, Hawaii

I mean, can you ever really head to Hawaii and it not be picturesque? Exactly. If you and your bae decide to trade your grandma’s house for the beach, you may run into some rain but at least it’s going to be warm where you are. Plus, with the weather being better than other places you can get out and enjoy the island. Oh yeah, and with the winter being one of the slower times (sans Thanksgiving), you’ll get the place mostly to yourselves.

Paris, France

Hello, do you love romance? We thought so! There is no place on earth that best symbolizes getting freaky with rose petals thrown about. While it’s not the islands of Hawaii, Paris offers such a posh adventure you’ll feel like Victoria Beckham as you wine, dine and look fine as hell shopping at the world’s finest boutiques as you stroll hand in hand in the Parisian streets.

New York City, New York

While it’s not an island in paradise or a romantic destination on the map, New York City is one of the greatest places to be. More food than you’ll know what to do with, events happening nightly, and of course you can’t deny the charm and appeal of Rockefeller Center during the holidays with that massive tree.

Denver, Colorado

Not everyone wants to escape the cold, just their relatives. For those people you can’t go wrong with Denver. One of the sweetest spots in the US, it’s got everything you can imagine when it comes to having a great time. There’s amazing mountainscapes for hiking and skiing, amazing breweries for getting your drink on and yes, they have a certain herbal refreshment that is legal and they have a shit ton of activities revolving around it, including farm tours!

Bozeman, Montana

Montana is a little more rustic than Denver, but with that same mountain fresh air. You’ll get all the comforts of a winter wonderland but with less herbal fun and more country time action.

Sydney, Australia

While many places are hit with cold weather and tons of rain during the holidays, Australia is on a whole other level. Yes, you’ll encounter some rain - we can’t lie about that - but most days are filled with sunshine and 80 degree weather. So if you want a beach getaway where you can dive in, please get those hot pants ready and book a trip down under.

Bangkok, Thailand

Australia’s great but those who want even more of an adventure in that part of the world - head to Bangkok. While the weather is just as great, we can’t go any further without telling you that you’ll save way more in Thailand. Southeast Asia is a popular destination for people from all over the globe due to everything being cheap in price, not in value!

Tokyo, Japan

If you two are into street fashion, tech, and love to be overwhelmed by the world around you then Tokyo if the place to head. With so much going on in that vast metropolis, you two will never go bored as there will always be something new and exciting to peak your interests.

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