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According to a new study, people who identify as LGBTQ masturbate 23% more than our friends over on the straight side of the rainbow. Other data points in this study further suggest that gay men masturbate more often than straight men. My guess is that these results are not too surprising to anyone. Hell, there’s probably a good chance you have your dick in your hand as you’re reading this.

But what’s going on here? What accounts for this? Are we just hornier? Are we 23% more single and lonely? The study gives us a snapshot of global masturbation tendencies, but what motivated each specific jerk-off sess is anyone’s guess.

A straight friend of made the sublimely astute conjecture that perhaps gays jerk off more because they’re attracted to themselves. I quickly assured him that if masturbation was really the same as sex with a guy, than that statistic would be 100x higher.

I do propose one possible explanation though: I once met a guy at a party who told me that he masturbates anywhere from seven to ten times a day. Now, if these pollers got ahold of this guy’s cum waterfall, then those stats are bound to be screwed up.

Perhaps the data just reflects how difficult gay connections can be in certain parts of the world, leaving many guys with no recourse but fantasy and self-stimulation. Which is kind of a sobering thought--as sobering as thinking of dudes masturbating can be.

What do you think? Do your gay friends really masturbate more than your straight friends? Do some field research and get back to me. We recommend bringing this topic up with straight boys---it’s bound to be a very stimulating conversation.

We may never know exactly why the gays in this study jerked off more than the straight people. But I do know one thing for sure: I’m gonna go squeeze one out. ;)

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