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In the gay animal kingdom, we tend to think that there are three fundamental species: the top, the bottom, and the vers (Something akin to carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore). Each of these creatures is known to form numerous symbiotic relationships with the others species. But which one is king of the jungle?

Could this extremely delicate, multi-dimensional matrix of masc-fem and dom-sub truly be at equilibrium? Or does it behoove one to espouse certain sexual preferences? One common mode of thinking goes, the top is clearly the top of the food chain. The apex predator of West Hollywood. Topasaurus erectus. Do you need to check your top privilege?

Of course, there are some immediate benefits of tops that come to mind. I think we all know that tops get the most action on GRINDR. They’re just thought of as being more masc, dominant, and closer to the ideal of the so-called “real man”. Perhaps this bias has been inherited from the straight community, where the female obviously has a cultural tradition of subservience. Regardless, tops undeniably are more likely to be daddies. ;)

Additionally, if you’re a top, you don’t have to start planning for a sexual encounter nine hours in advance. Nevermind that endless ritual of bleaching, douching, yoga, fasting, praying or whatever other lengths a bottom may go to to please his top. Shout out to bottoms. Ya’ll are troopers. ;)

So maybe tops are privileged? At the same time though, many people make the opposite argument, claiming bottoms are in fact privileged. A question like this may in fact be meaningless, as there are so many details and variables for each individual person. The only privilege I know for sure that belongs to tops, is the privilege of entering my ass. ;)

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