The male body is a treasure trove of shimmering erogenous zones, each gem begging to be polished in its own way. Amidst this menagerie of rare jewels, one diamond outshines all others: the cock. During sex, there can be a temptation to focus all attention on the penis and that which it is penetrating. Good sex, however, explores all that the body has to offer. And one major erogenous zone that often gets overlooked is the nipple.

There’s a cultural stereotype that nipple-play is something only pleasurable for women, but if there’s one thing we learned from #FreeTheNipple, it’s that nipples are nipples no matter who they belong to. Dude nipples are just as fun to play with! ;) Similarly, nipple-play is for tops, bottoms, vers and even straight men! In fact, nipple-play may be the most intersectional form of sex, since literally everyone loves it.

They key to successful nipple-play is to understand that, like the head of the penis, nipples are extremely sensitive (and likely haven’t been eroded away by years of friction). Whether he’s new to titty titillation or a veritable wet nurse, start off by teasing and then build your way up.

Nipples love to be touched, pinched, adjusting like radio dials, sucked, gently bit, and clamped with industrial grade clothespins (sometimes). Get creative. Use your tongue, fingers, foot. Hell, try rubbing your nipples on his nipples! Nipple-play can be a satisfying meal all by itself, but also couples nicely with cockplay as well.

What’s important here is that us gay men hold up our end of #FreeTheNipple. In order to balance the scale, women have fought to desexualize their nipples, so now let’s get out there and sexual our nipples to really seal the deal! My nips are getting hard just thinking about it! ;)