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It’s 2018, and cultural tides are overwhelmingly blowing in the direction of having pride for one’s own individuality and uniqueness. Within the LGBTQ community, we celebrate idiosyncrasies and quirks. We encourage everyone to show their true colors and smash the molds that society attempts to fit us into. All that being said, men in uniforms are still insanely hot.

Uniform fetishism goes as far back as uniforms themselves. As long as there's been clothes, there's been uniforms. So I think we’ve all felt the magnetic pull of official attire. For many people, the fun of uniforms comes in wearing them. Whether you’ve felt compelled to don a leather bondage suit or simply join the Marines for the fashion of it, wearing homogenous couture can help tap you into a mindset of otherwise unattainable levels of horniness. The right garb can assist in literal roleplay or just making feel more dominant in general.

For others, the draw of uniforms involves submitting yourself to the authority of the man in the suit. Most uniforms that are fetishized (i.e. the outfits worn by the Village People) are associated with a sort of hierarchical dominance. In society, we think of most uniforms as being worn by disciplined, powerful, and masculine men. That, coupled with the fact that most uniforms are specifically designed to be very visually appealing, makes them total dick magnets.

The beauty of uniforms though is that you can save years of career advancement and still reap the aesthetic benefits by just wearing them anyway. Don’t bother wasting all those hours in the police academy; just get a sexy cop costume on Amazon and the result will effectively be the same. ;)

They say that clothes make the man. But also, men are the ones who make the clothes. So wear whatever makes you feel good (as long as it’s not illegal impersonation.)

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