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In these dark, polarizing times, it’s important to remember the things that unite us. And there’s one flag in particular which I know all men can verily salute: the banner of the male g-spot. That’s right, guys of every shape, size, color, political persuasion and / or latent homophobia can all share in the splendor of the prostate.

Studies show that butt-play is on the rise, even among straights. Have you gotten to know your prostate yet? If not, what are waiting for? So if you haven't given a nudge to your lima-bean boy-clit yet, here’s what you need to know to get started.

First of all, just so we’re all caught up to speed, *ahem*, the prostate is a gland located between the anus and ballsack. By some fun quirk of nature, the little sucker comes packed with almost as many nerve endings as a woman’s clitoris. When stimulated, it can give you explosive hands-free, bull-body orgasms. How tragic to think some men go their whole lives without experience a prostate orgasm. :(

When you’re first getting to know your prostate, go slow and use LOTS of lube. Before you barge in through the back door with your finger, give the outer butthole some love and affection. Seduce it with your caress and let it know you’re coming over to play. Once inside, remember that your finger only needs to go about 2 inches deep toward your belly button. Gently curl your knuckles in a “come hither” motion. Then use your other hands to stimulate the gooch externally, thus applying pressure to the prostate on both sides. You can thank me later.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you become comfortable with your butthole, you may freely seize the treasure within. Prepare to experience an entirely new type of pleasure. Just don’t get carried away and forget about your dick. Penis orgasms are still fun too. ;)

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