Article by Ben Haynes

Gay men understand that the ultimate pleasure principle is lube, lube, and more lube. Depending on your sexual proclivities, you may know a lot about lube or very little. If you’ve ever wondered about the different types of lube and which one is best for you, look no further!

Water-Based vs. Silicone Lube

The base of lubricant says a lot about what you can and cannot use it for (or where, for that matter).

Water-based lubricants are best when using toys made of silicone, as the toy won’t absorb the lube. This protects the longevity and integrity of the toy. Water-based lube is also great for use with condoms and won’t leave stains on sheets or clothing.

Silicone-based lube is excellent for those seeking longer-lasting lubrication. The lube doesn’t dry out as quickly, so less lube is needed. It’s also great for those looking to get it on in the shower, as it resists the water. Just be careful not to slip!

Flavored Lube

Though many men prefer to taste the man they’re with in all their natural goodness, some prefer to add some flavor (literally).

Sometimes a little flavor goes a long way to increase enjoyment on both ends of the oral sex spectrum! Lubes come in just about any flavor you can think of.

Want to give your boyfriend the perfect blowjob but wish his dick tasted like berries? Wish granted! It’s fall season, and the coffee shop isn’t the only place you want a rush of pumpkin spice? You got it!

Fruits, sweets, and plenty of other flavors are available in any place that sells personal lubricants.

CBD-Infused Lubes

The CBD craze has now invaded our bedrooms! Luckily, this product offers the potential for a more intense experience, solo or with partners.

The CBD infused into the lubricant soaks into your skin and gets into your system quickly. Because the lube is used in our most sensitive regions, the pleasure we experience can be pretty incredible. The CBD increases the sensitivity in these areas. It can lead to some of the most amazing orgasms you’ve ever experienced!

Save the Money; Spit on It!

Some people skip shopping and use the body’s natural lubricant: saliva.

“Spit and shove is the way to love” might not work for everyone, but it can be incredibly hot for others. Some men get incredibly hot when the guy going down on them spits and drools all over his dick. Using that same spit to get it in any hole imaginable can make many men weak in the knees.

Have fun experimenting with different lubes and make sexy time even hotter than it once was!