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Dear Agatha,

Please forgive me if my prose is sloppy. I am writing through the agony of an extreme case of blue balls. Here's the scoop: I'm doing the quar thing, working from home, etc. I met a guy on a app who lives nearby, and he's doing the quar thing too. Out of respect for Miss Covid, our dates have been limited to video calls... and it's great! He's cool, funny, intelligent, and we definitely have chemistry. But we've had five of these calls now... and still no 'sex.' On every call he behaves as if we're at a restaurant in public, but I'm like... bro you're in your bedroom, take your pants off! Any advice on how to broach this subject delicately? I won't be able to last much longer...



Dear Jason,

We're living in a strange world, aren't we? Normally the build-up to sex is communicated non-verbally, isn't it? A touch, a caress, your breath, his heart beating against yours. Feeling his bulge swell. These cues are all sadly absent from video dating. So you'll have to just be blunt about it. Be honest and specific about what you're asking consent to do, and have a few glasses of wine first! It's not drinking alone as long as there's WiFi. There very well may be extenuating circumstances involving thin walls or roommates, but these are all conquerable obstacles. Just remember to respect the pace he sets and don't just whip your dick out on cam unannounced.



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