Interview by Mickey Keating

Okay, so this is my first exclusive interview on Andrew Christian. Among conversations, what better way to introduce myself to you by simultaneously showcasing the newest Trophy Boy?! After picking my jaw off the ground and wearing extra bronzer to hide the insane amount of bashfulness on my face: I sat down with Danny Yates. I did my research – trust me, on Yates and immediately developed a crush on him. How could you not?! Based on his squeaky clean appearance, you want to dream about him. After doing some digging, I found his Midwest roots reminded me of home. This is literally the guy you’d want to bring home to your family and they would want to date him, too! But, before you go double-tapping on every Instagram post, you’ve got to check out my interview with this incredibly sweet guy. And, like, come on: We are all definitely curious to see what’s in his sex drawer, right? Let’s dive in!

Mickey Keating: Is there a reason you have two different Instagrams?
Danny Yates: "Yes, one is for family and the other Andrew [Christian] had me create. I [didn't have] a shirtless picture [on my original Instagram]."

MK: How did you become a Trophy Boy? I've spoken with the first Transgender Trophy Boy, Jesse Diamond who mentioned it was almost an audition process. Did you have the same experience?
DY: "No, [it wasn't] an audition process. I was doing some filming in San Diego and a few friends wanted to go to [Palm Springs] White Party. I went and met a cute guy there. I ended up in Hollywood. I was being taken good care of by some great [friends] in Los Angeles. Eventually, I met Andrew [Christian] and he invited me to an audition. I jumped onto one of their shoots with the other [Trophy Boys]. I'm comfortable on camera so it was easy. We did a few fun videos on how to properly shave your groin and butt. I have good hygiene [and am relatively clean shaven] so it was easy. It was lively and fun."

MK: How was your first interaction with the other Trophy Boys?
DY: "I met a few of the Trophies before I'd even met them, it was simple."

MK: So you're pretty fresh to Los Angeles?
DY: "I've been [in Los Angeles] since April 2018. It's only been about two months and I'm already an Andrew Christian Trophy Boy. [Funny enough] I was a Trophy Boy before I was officially living here. I've met a great group of people who aren't trying to sleep with me. I've found it a little difficult to find guys in Los Angeles who want to hang out with me instead of trying to sleep with me. I've gotten to meet a whole bunch of people and seen so many places."

MK: I know you're a nice MidWest boy! I'm from Chicago, so I can completely relate to the vibe you're exuding. What was life like for you in your home state of Michigan?
DY: "Life was great. [Growing up] I was held back in sixth grade..."
MK: Wait, you were held back in sixth grade?! For what?!
DY: "I had a couple of C's and D's on my report card. My parents wanted me to have A's. They were the ones to hold me back, not the school. After that, I was solely focused on Academics. I went on to being the student of the year...which wasn't hard because I already did it once. I was in the top ten of my graduating [high school] class, won the championship in Wrestling, and received a scholarship to the University of Michigan."

MK: On appearance, you're a masculine guy, especially to people in the MidWest. Were you closeted throughout your Academic career?
DY: "I was closeted until my Junior year of college. I came out to a couple of my close friends and family, eventually my wrestling teammates. I wasn't out back home though. I had to leave college and come back home...and come out again. On my 26th birthday, I tried to come out all over again. (Yates is 27 now). I came out, officially, a year and a half ago. Where I'm from is a small town with loving people, but everyone is conservative and small minded. I began modeling and it kind of forced me out. I wanted to come out of the closet before my family and town began questioning."

MK: Well, since you're out of the closet now...and a Trophy Boy...are your parents aware?
DY: "Yes, they're aware... now! I used to walk around in my underwear all the time as a kid. There were so many signs that I was gay. For my eighth grade Christmas present I got a Britney Spears CD. [My parents] don't mind that I'm an underwear model now. And I'm in Los Angeles where there is more opportunity to use my college degree compared to back home."

MK: What degree do you have?

DY: "I have a Bachelors in Science Technology. I have so much going on right now that I haven't been actively pursuing it. But, I've been looking into massage therapy out here. I have a few things I'm trying to get up and going in Sports Medicine out here. I have options."

MK: Okay, so I've crept on both Instagrams and noticed you as a Wrestling Coach. You mentioned earlier you have a championship under your belt. Were you teaching high school kids?
DY: "I've coached and raised a lot of kids in Wrestling. When I was little, two Wrestlers from the University of Iowa from Young Guns Wrestling would let me live with them every summer since I was thirteen years old. They taught me to help others. I'd have other kids come to stay with me too. I won Mr. Wrestler, it's the best in the sport in that state: I won in Michigan. I've trained a lot of kids over the years."

MK: Wait! I saw you broke your nose! Was that due to Wrestling[MMA]?
DY: "I don't have a nose bone! It's an advantage. If someone pushed me square in the nose, mine is all cartilage, it can't be broken. The sides get smushed is all. I got really lucky. People always compliment my teeth, too. I'm like, 'I brush them every day!'. I've never even had braces."

MK: Alright, let's be honest. You're an Andrew Christian Trophy Boy and the direct messages are flying into your social media. What's the most ridiculous message you've received?
DY: "The AC fans are pretty mild! They are great approaching me online. They'll say they've seen me out and no one ever gets creepy."

MK: Okay, well since we're on the point of fans: Everyone is going to be swooning over you once this interview is released. What's your type?! Who are you more likely to take on a date?
DY: "I like the younger, smooth skin, feminine, twinks. Someone who I can protect and care for. Nerdier the better! I love nerdy guys. I'm known to call out hecklers who are yelling at the flamboyant guys I'm around. I like someone who I can confidence too. I want to care for someone and look after them.  There's a reason why I'm so broke, I'm always paying for the dates! I've been brought up to take care of people and help those around me. I like doing it."

MK: What's your favorite part about being a Trophy Boy? It's the attention isn't it?
DY: "I get attention, sometimes I don't want it anymore. It's more of going out to pride events. Getting to see people who are happy to see you doing your own thing. Enjoying life and being your best self. Seeing people from different backgrounds without being judged. That's my favorite part. I went to Milwaukee Pride and some other models and I got to go on stage. Fans were handing me their phones so I could take pictures of them on stage. It's like giving them the experience on stage. It was my best experience of being a Trophy Boy, so far."

MK: What's your definition of pride?
DY: "Accepting yourself for who you are and accepting yourself for all of your strengths and weaknesses. Building yourself as a [gay] human daily is something we should all be proud of. Don't continue a downward spiral: Be the positive change you want to see and surround yourself with. Build up the people around you."

MK: Okay, let's get into a rapid-fire question round! I've heard you have a Skittles tattoo!? Where is this? Why haven't I seen a picture of this?
DY: "One of my friends was getting one of the Sugar Daddy candy tattoos. I thought about it and was like I'm going to get a Skittles tattoo...on my butt. I didn't want a rainbow tattoo, they already know I'm gay. But Skittles...taste the rainbow! It looks like the bag is sitting on there, open. It says "Taste the rainbow" with the bag open and some skittles pouring out. I was like, I'm finally okay with everyone knowing I'm gay."

MK: What kind of content is going to be on your OnlyFans account?
DY: "Self uploaded content. I'm going to be open and adventurous as I've always been. I'll upload daily with a bunch of kinky content. I'm open to fan suggestions and requests. I'll be happy to oblige!"

MK: Inquiring minds...and myself...want to know: Briefs, Jockstraps, Boxers, or Commando?
DY: "Boxer Briefs for sure!"

MK: Where is the most bizarre place you've sex?
DY: "You name it! Cliffs, cars, outside, anywhere! I've had some adventures in my life. One time I had nowhere to go, so one of my buddies and I threw down a blanket and did it on the side of the road. On the side of the WalMart. At least it was on the side of the road less taken."

MK: What's in your sex drawer? We all have one...
DY: "I currently don't have a sex drawer! Previously I've had plenty of toys, the usual. Nothing crazy or wild, but I'm down to adventure."

MK: What's the best way to approach you in person?
DY: "The best way to approach me is with respect. Do not come grabbing on me and getting ridiculous. People think I'm into aggressive nature or come up to me offering me money. That won't work."

MK: What are your plans for after your Andrew Christian Trophy Boy fame?
DY: "I'm in the process of starting my own charity. I'd like to focus more on MMA fighting. This is just the beginning for me. This is a chapter in my life I'm excited about. I can't wait to be settled in a place where I'm happy and thriving, not just surviving. I've encountered people who are so unhappy that they've tried to destroy you. Now, I'm surrounded by people who are not trying to tear me down. I'm looking forward to the future."