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If you're cooped up inside for the foreseeable future, it can get pretty boring. You may be stuck alone in your studio apartment or sequestered somewhere with your significant other. In the case of the latter, know that a long stretch of time with just the two of you has the potential to be a strain on the relationship, or it may just bring you two closer together than ever before! So to ensure that you're not at each other's throats and the spark stays alive, here's eight fun date ideas you can do, without even leaving the house! Talk about a cheap date!

1. Sexy Board Game Night

It's time to dust off Twister, Monopoly, or whatever highly esoteric, vintage strategic warfare simulator board-game you've got stashed under your coffee table. It doesn't really matter which one you play, because you're going to play a "strip" version. Each round someone gets punished by having to remove an article of clothing. Who ever said board games are lame?

2. Cook Dinner Together

If you can't go out to a five-star restaurant for a romantic, candle-lit dinner, then prepare one for yourself! Alternately, if neither you nor your boytoy can cook, than relish in the sweet antics of two buffoons fumbling around the kitchen. Get messy and have fun!

3. Read Out Loud to Each Other

In the old days, this is how gentleman-callers and their objects of desire would pass the days in their dusty Victorian manors. Imagine his head lovingly resting in your lap as you begin... "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal...."

4. Go Camping in Your Backyard

Ok, so this may not be feasible for those in tiny boho apartments halfway up skyscrapers, but if you've got a lawn, then break out the camping gear and experience the great outdoors. You won't be able to escape light pollution, but you can still roast some weenies over the fire and cuddle all night in sleeping bags.

5. Pamper Him

Give your partner a veritable day at the spa, but from home! Bestow upon him a pampering massage, bubble bath, and facial.... no, not that kind of facial! ...unless?

6. Karaoke Party

There's plenty of time to make amends with your neighbors later, so turn up the volume and sing your hearts out at your home makeshift karaoke bar. You can find tracks to sing along to on YouTube, and you can even invite friends to participate over video chat!

7. Movie Marathon

A classic date idea but always worth revisiting: have a movie marathon! Some production companies are releasing their newest blockbuster movies online for streaming, so go nuts! Or check out some steamy, vintage art-house classics. Literally every film in the canon of cinema exists somewhere on the internet, so fill up your queue and hit play!

8. Role-play Your Fantasies

Finally, if you and hubby get bored of each other, then become different people! Through the art of role-play, you can re-experience each other for the first time, except as doctors and firefighters or whatever. Kinky!

Having dates from home can sometimes be more fun (as well as considerably cheaper!) than going out on the town. Hell, you may never want to go on a regular date again!

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