Article written by Sam Machado

Muscle daddy Jax Thirio is one hot motherfucker. We could stare at that ripped chest and sexy ass all day!

He started his porn career about two years ago after a couple daddies adopted him and did an underwear photoshoot with him. At that point, they knew he was going to be a natural. So he filled out a profile on where several companies reached out to him. Now he’s done a lot of gay porn for several studios like Falcon,, Next Door Studios, and Say Uncle.

But little did we know that Jax did not always have an exotic life. He grew up in Michigan where his father was a pastor of a non-denominational church. Growing up in a religious environment trapped him in the closet so much that he got married and had a child. When that didn’t work out, Jax knew he had to accept himself for who he is and discover the next path towards finding himself. He hit his lowest point, but he found the light at the end of the tunnel by embracing his truth. Now he’s happier than he’s ever been.

Jax talked about a LOT in this interview: how the pandemic has changed the porn industry, the connections he’s made with other porn stars, his biggest turn-ons, future plans, and MORE!

How do you think you've progressed as a porn star over the last two years? Do you feel different about it now than you did two years ago when you started?

I feel like I’ve made great strides as a porn star in my first couple years. I’ve learned a lot about the industry and made steady progress as a performer. I’m just as excited about what I’m doing now as I was when I started, probably even more so, as I have been able to get to a point where I have a lot more control over the people I work with and the scenes we make.

What was it like doing porn in the pandemic?

As terrible as the pandemic has been, it’s brought new opportunities and I’ve been able to take advantage. I found myself out of work when things first shut down, so for the first time, I started posting private content on OnlyFans and a couple other sites. I enjoyed making my own videos and it led me to producing content that studios were interested in. Everyone always needs fresh content, and I’ve been able to create and sell content to some of the biggest studios in the industry including, Falcon and NextDoorStudios. I also got my first shot as a director and producer for sites on the Say Uncle network!

What do you think the future of porn will be like once we get back to normal?

With so many models making the same transition over the last year, I think the industry has changed forever. With more focus on collaboration and model produced content, the pandemic has created a whole new generation of producers and directors. Too many young performers get taken advantage of by the industry, but now I would say models are more empowered than ever to make it on their own.

So you grew up religiously. How did you become in touch with your sexuality after growing up? Did sex become "super exciting" once you discovered it?

Growing up in a strict religious family, I was forced to suppress my sexuality. As a young teen, I got caught experimenting with another boy and the traumatic events that followed would force me deep into the closet, eventually getting married and having a child. My attempt at married life was full of drama and heartache, and would come crashing to an end after 10 years. It was at my lowest point in my life that I was finally set free. I was done caring what anyone else thought about me. I was ready to be myself. I began to explore my true sexuality and it was amazing. Everything was new and exciting, and just it felt right. I admit went pretty wild at first, like an 18 year old twink going through his hoe phase.

Sounds like you’re in a much better place now than where you were before, yeah?

I would definitely say I’m in a better place now than ever before. I came out of the military and eventually fell into security contracting, and honestly, I didn’t like who I was becoming. Now I finally feel like I’m truly myself and I’ve never been happier.

What is the best part about being a porn star?

The people. It’s fun meeting sexy new guys, traveling all over, and living out all of my suppressed sexual fantasies. But what I love most is getting to know other models. We’ve all gone through our own struggle, and we all have a story to tell.

Is it distracting filming a scene when there are cameras looming around you?

Being in front of the camera took some time to get used to, but I learned to block it out by focusing on my scene partner. Getting lost in my own fantasy, it would feel like just he and I there. I don’t really notice the cameras anymore, but I love having an audience.

You definitely top nice and hard, but you've done your share of bottoming as well...what do you prefer more?

I am a versatile performer. Typically, I prefer to top, but really it just depends on who I’m working with .

What kind of porn scene would you love to do that you haven't tried yet?

I’m actually really excited because around the end of March I’m booked for a scene where I’ll be fisting another model for the first time. I’m a bit nervous but always excited to try new things.

You're taking part in some other projects as a director and producer. Do you enjoy going behind the camera as much as you enjoy being in front of it?

I do enjoy going behind the camera very much, but it’s in a different way. As a model, I love meeting new sexy guys and creating heat and chemistry with my scene partner even if it’s only for the camera. I love acting too, and of course, I enjoy showing off my body. Behind the camera, it’s all about the art of it: trying to bring a story to life, finding the moments that say more than words…an awkward touch, or the moment of hesitation, the intense lust and desire that we’ve all felt. I’m excited to start from nothing, write a story and then bring it to life. It’s a beautiful challenge and I’m ready to take it on.

Any favorite fetishes?

I’m not sure about fetishes really, but I love jockstraps and harnesses...and I love eating a guy’s ass and teasing it until he begs for my dick.

Favorite sex positions?

As a top I love doggie style and as a bottom I like to ride it.

What are some of your favorite scenes you've done?

When asked about favorite scenes, I immediately think of my first scene with Falcon back in January of 2020. It was a part of a larger movie called “Bro Buddies” directed by Tony Dimarco. I would be paired with Michael Boston. I also really loved the scene I did with Dante Colle. It was actually filmed in Nashville on a yacht owned by a good friend of mine who’s been one of my biggest supporters from the start.

How long do you think you'll stay in porn?

As a model, I think I’ve still got some great years left in front of the camera, but I expect to be around longer behind the camera for sure. This is an adventure, finding my true self and discovering new passions and living free. I have a lot left I want to accomplish still, and a lot left to give.

What's something about being a porn star that fans might be surprised to hear?

I think fans are always surprised when they realize many of us have lives that are in one way or another separate from porn, like families or careers outside the industry. Everyone needs to find a balance or you can get consumed by it, and that’s rough on anyone’s mental health.

What turns you on when you're about to hook up with someone?

I can get turned on by many things. It might be a look in his eyes or a simple touch on the back. But anytime a guy can dance and move his body I get hard and wet all at the same time

How does a bottom take a big cock like yours so well? Has that been challenging when filming a scene?

Most experienced bottoms can take me easily enough. We usually like to work it off camera before we film though. I did have one model who was really challenging to work with. When I found Jesse Bolton, he was practically a virgin and I remember it taking days to film a scene. He was so little and tight that he could only take it for about 30 seconds at a time and never the whole thing. It was super frustrating, but I liked him, and with a lot of patience and practice, he’d become my favorite scene partner.

Favorite spot to cum? And favorite spot for your guy to cum?

My favorite spot to cum is on a guy’s ass. I love to smear it around and push in his gaping hole. My favorite spot for my guy to cum is on my chest while he’s riding me.

Own any Andrew Christian jockstraps?

I had worn jockstraps playing sports in high school, but the first jockstrap I bought as an adult was Andrew Christian. It was from the trophy-boy line and I’ve been a fan of Nick Masc and Nic Sahara ever since.

You can find Jax on Twitter and Instagram @JaxThirio.