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If I had to venture a guess as to what type of sex act is responsible for the largest percentage of the cum spilt since the dawn of man, I would have to go with masturbation. Jerk-offing is arguably the base unit of sex acts--the mostly highly distilled, elegant way to cum. Despite its ubiquitous popularity, a lot of guys consider jerking off to be one of the least desirable methods of ejaculation. Is this simply because they’re bored with it, or is jerking off just inherently dull? My response is this: to those who think jerking off is boring, try doing it with a friend, or maybe more than one. ;)

The notion of dudes sitting around and jerking off without engaging in any other sex acts might leave you scratching your head. Why just masturbate in each other’s company when we could be doing way more touchy-feely, intimate things? Masturbation is often considered an appetizer before the main course. However, with the right preparation, jerking-off can be filling meal all unto itself.

Group masturbation, by definition, contains all the perks of regular masturbation, i.e. you, as the leading expert on your cock, can stroke it exactly the way you want. Added to this though is the appeal of being surrounded by other like-minded masturbators with their own unique methods, whom your eyes are free to study.

Also worth mentioning, jerking off is by far the safest type of sex around. By definition, there’s literally no chance of transmitting STDs. Plus, you’ll never need a condom nor even bother planning ahead.

Most importantly though, group masturbation creates an atmosphere of sexual solidarity. There’s something about a room full of gay men all working toward a common goal at their own pace--it just fills my heart with pride. Watching, being watched--being fully vulnerable with one’s sexuality like this also helps to de-stigmatize masturbation in general. There's power in numbers, and especially in this case, two heads really are better than one. ;)

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