Who else here can admit they fuck harder on Valentine’s Day when the gift is next level? Gimme some basic ass flowers and you are getting a basic ass blowjob. You know it is true so if you want to guarantee the best sex of your life this year on February 14th, make sure you get your hands on one of these gifts and do not be afraid to get yourself a little something too while you are at it because Valentine’s Day is about self-love too. So get those credit cards ready because you do not have much time left to score the perfect gift this year that will guarantee you an action-packed night of bliss.

Lattice Lace Sheer Web Thong
Victoria is not the only one with a secret this year. Get your guy a pair of these sheer lace thongs and we promise he will not be in them long. These also act as a gift for yourself if your man has all the junk in his trunk. Do not forget to tell him to back that thang up once he is in them either!

Slave Sheer Access Zipper Singlet
This takes us back to those days in high school when we joined the wrestling team just to well, you know. Roleplay those fantasies all day and night with this little number that gives you access to his championship ring.

Trophy Boy Easy Grip Cock Ring
Nothing says "I love you, let's fuck right now" quite like a quality cock ring. For a night of harder dicks and life-changing orgasms, splurge and do not just get one but two so you can both last well into the next day.

Slave Sheer Locker C-Ring Air Jock
If you are going to go and get a cock ring, you may as well pair it with this pair of jocks that cater to your bedroom style.

FUKR Venom Y-Back Thong Singlet
If you are not fucking within .2 seconds of your man receiving this singlet, it is time to drop him and give us a call. We will be waiting and ready to give you all you deserve and then some.

Unicorn Fantasy Bikini
Deliver some magic this Valentine's Day with these unicorn bikini bottoms that will have your man ready to take a dip in the pool. If you have never fucked in the water, these will change that.

Pride Sailor Hat
Since you are already heading to the water if you get him the briefs, why not roleplay as sea men with a pair of these must-have sailor hats too?