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Today we’re going to to tackle the age-old philosophical question: would you rather have a 12” penis or two six inch penises? Okay, maybe this question isn’t actually age-old. It might even sound quite absurd to you. But, thanks to the internet, we now have two first-hand testimonies for each side of the argument (here and here). Yup, an actual guy with two cocks and actual guy with a footlong schlonger. These users’ experiences give us a framework to take on this question, and a reason to take it seriously.

First of all, diphallia (the medical condition of having two penises) is no laughing matter. While only 1 in every 5.5 million guys has two cocks, it often comes with other medical complications. But Reddit user DoubleDickDude is living proof that it is possible to have two fully functional penises. The only medical drawback he mentions is getting an inflamed prostate if he doesn’t orgasm daily. Luckily enough, when you have two cocks, there’s always someone ready to help you orgasm. ;)

Which leads me main benefit of having two dicks: literally everyone wants to fuck you, regardless of sexual orientation and gender. Two dicks is just too tempting. DoubleDickDude describes one scene in a gym locker room in which he pops out of his jock strap (on both sides). A straight guy witnesses and asks to see the full thing, confessing that he may have just turned gay. Clearly, having two dicks give you magical, irresistible seduction powers. ;)

As for the footlong cock, our representative Reddit user describes a somewhat more mix-bag of pros and cons. Granted, the same basic principle of sexual omnipotence applies. ;) With a 12 inch penis, you get fuck whomever you please… to an extent though. Not that many assholes can take a full foot of cock, so a lot guys might be turned off for purely pragmatic reasons. Additionally, sex with a cock that massive can be unwieldy and stressful.

But then again, a full twelve inches makes sucking your dick a breeze!

The benefits of having a footlong cock or two cocks are staggering to the imagination. Ultimately, choosing is futile. We have no choice as what cock (or cocks) we’re born with. The only choice you have is be happy with your own package, whether it be big, small, single, or many! It’s not about choosing one big cock or two medium-sized ones, it’s about choosing YOUR cock! :)

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