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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Valentine’s Day just doesn’t hit the same if you’re not gifting your partner some hot as fuck Andrew Christian gear, right? So for those who have yet to get theirs...we have more than a few suggestions that they will not only love but will thank you for in the most sensual of ways. And before you say it, you’re welcome for that!

Trophy Boy Horny Devil Cock & Ball Ring

When you can’t decide on whether or not you want a cock ring or something for the balls, it’s better just to go with both. This two-in-one cock and ball ring design was made to give maximum pleasure. So whoever you give this to, trust that they are going to be one satisfied customer and when they’re’ll be even happier.

Primary Clip Harness

Here’s the thing, you likely already bought them a pair of Andrew Christian undies for the holidays. So now you obviously need to get the perfect accessory to go with them, and that is this Primary Clip Harness that will take their night time look from every day to hey, hey, heyyyy!

FUKR Football Net Jock

Want to give them something with a little bit of a Dom vibe but aren’t quite sure where to start? Then look no further than this FUKR Football Net Jock. The front of this jock gives BDSM realness, while the back is well, barely-there...allowing for easy access.

Disco Trunk

Valentine’s Day is only a month or so away from the warmer months. So get a head start on those pool party plans and lazy days at the beach by gifting these incredibly stylish and hot trunks that will make them feel like they’re underneath the bright lights of the club while getting wet and wild when it heats up.

Trophy Boy Power Orgasm Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are great, but a vibrating cock ring is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Camouflage Pocket Singlet

There are truly not enough people taking advantage of singlets. This design helps to call attention to not only those strong things, but the obvious bulge, and those abdominals that are framed just right in this camouflage dream.

Snow Singlet

Again, we cannot stress enough how good your man is going to look in this winter-inspired singlet that will make them look like the hottest thing on ice since Spain’s Javier Fernandez.

MASSIVE Sheer Air Chaps

Leave absolutely nothing to the imagination with these sheer chaps that are really more a gift for you than it is for them.

Performance Net Skinny Jacket

Maybe you want them to show off their upper region more because those pecs, those abs - they are truly gifts from the gawds. To do that, get them a jacket that shows it all off and then some.

Disco Camo C-Ring Brief Jock

These briefs are so hot, you’ll want to grab your ass a pair too!

Trophy Boy Adjustable Cock Ring & Ball Crusher

This is for those who like to really let their freak flag fly in the bedroom. They can rock it, and you can control the pleasure because this cock ring is adjustable. Definitely for the pair that lives in the BDSM realm.

Golden Tiger Jock

Do you ever just see a beautiful piece of clothing and think, that was made for my man? Yeah, that’s what this tiger-print jock is.

Brilliance Mesh Brief

This brief has a lot going on. While the D is hidden from sight, the booty has a little peek-a-boo feature in the back that makes this both playful and seductive all at the same time.

Troop Sheer Expose Legging

Anyone else turned on by a nice pair of legs accentuated in tight ass leggings? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re putting these sheer beauties on the list.

Buckle Micro Bikini

Last, but certainly far from least is this bikini that has a very useful buckle that allows for them to be off faster than it took to get them on.

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