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Face it, semen is an inevitable part of being gay. Giving it, taking it, eating it, bathing in it--in the life of gay man, jizz can appear at any moment of the day with little to no warning. You have to be ready for it. The forecast is certain: 100% chance of jizz. And the only effective umbrella is harboring an absolute love for the stuff. So if you’re not already a cum-lover, here’s why you should be.

First of all, recent studies have shown that semen is actually an agent of anti-anxiety and anti-depression. I think we all knew this instinctively, but now science can officially explain why I suddenly feel that uncanny sense of zen at the end of the bukkake. So if you’ve got the blues, just drench yourself in some of that white stuff. ;)

Can’t sleep at night? Do you toss and turn, grappling with the ultimate meaningless of your existence? Cum fixes that too! Yup, turns out semen contains melatonin, a naturally-occurring ingredient in sleepiness. Just drink 1/3 cup of jizz before bed and you’ll sleep like a baby. Doctor’s orders. ;)

Also, it’s time you start saving money on those overpriced facial creams. Dermatologists say that semen is good for skin and can help slow down the aging process! That’s right, if you take enough facials you can stay young forever! ;)

But there’s honestly a million reasons to love cum, and these are just a few. Maybe the most important reason why you should love cum, though--if your partner blasts thick ropes of cum, that means he really likes you. ;) Cum is the direct manifestation of his arousal for you, so take pride in swallowing all those buckets of cum. You earned em! ;)

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