Article written by Kendra Beltran

For some reason, fucking in a car is usually the next basic answer when someone asks where they’ve had sex after the usual suspect; a bed. Although that seems to be the case, there is still something naughty and alluring about fucking in a vehicle. Perhaps it’s the thrill of being caught? Danger can be considered an aphrodisiac, but we must note that having sex in your car and getting caught can lead to some issues with the law. So definitely make sure the first thing you decide when you’re ready to go all the way in a car, is to make sure you’re someplace where you won’t wind up ending your night with one phone call and a mugshot. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into how you can up your car sex game!

Backseat Baby

Fucking in the front seat of a car is horrible for so many reasons. One, you’re 100% going to wind up honking that horn with some part of your body. That’s just a given, and when you do - you’re going to call attention to the car. Remember, car sex can be fun...just so long as you don’t get caught, right? Another thing, it’s just too risky to have body parts flailing around all the parts that make the car move. You don’t want to accidentally hit the brake and fuck up your fuck sesh.

Either Quick or Oral

Unless you find the most secluded area in the world, it’s important to note that car sex isn’t for those drawn-out, romantic sexual situations. No, fucking in the car is for a quick hookup or some fantastic oral.

Have Tinted Windows

Not too dark that you’re going to get pulled over, but dark enough so that when the sun goes down, no one can see who’s going down inside the car.

Crack a Window

Speaking of windows...if you’re getting hot and heavy in a car, the windows are going to fog all up and if it’s not the dead of winter, anyone who walks by is going to know EXACTLY what’s going on behind those locked doors.

Lock It Up

Oh yeah, this goes without saying, but keep those doors locked. You don’t want to be fucking and someone swings the door open thinking you’re their rideshare.

Utilize Windshield Sun Shade

Going back to the windows, investing in one of those sunshade things that go in your windshield won’t just keep your dashboard from getting too hot, but it’ll help keep anyone from peeping on you from the outside.

Clothing for Pillows

Cars aren’t necessarily the most comfortable places on earth to have sex. With that said, use those clothes you aren’t wearing anymore as pillows where necessary.

Leather Isn’t Pleasure

Clothes can also be used as bedding to place between you and leather seats because if you fail to crack that window as we mentioned above, you are not going to enjoy those leather seats on your skin for long.

Turn Off The FM Dial

I’m of a particular age and still love to listen to the radio, but would I want to hear a random ass local injury attorney commercial mid-fuck? Yeah no. If you want music, make a playlist and put that on instead.

Banana Prep

Not sure how many car manufacturers go into designing them with sex in mind. What we’re trying to say is that cars weren’t designed for sex, which means they can and will get uncomfortable. So much so that you may wind up getting a cramp. To prevent that, knock back a banana and get that potassium going.