Article written by Kendra Beltran

There has been a myriad of makeover shows over the years that focus on homes, cars, people’s looks, even their relationships but sex? Where is that expert on ‘Queer Eye?’ While we try and pitch adding that to the show, we will do what nobody seems to be doing and that is giving you ways to makeover your sex life.

Try Something New

Like with many things in our lives, we are creatures of habit. This includes fucking the same way on repeat because well...we love our comfort zones, don’t we? Well, that can and will start to bore either you or your partner so before you enter a bore zone you can’t dig yourself out of, take a chance and try out a new position you have been interested in. One you read about, one suggested by an Andrew Christian quiz, one you saw in a porn the other day. It does not matter how you saw it, just try it. If you do not like it, move onto the next. If you do, hey! You added a new layer to your sexual fun times.

Test Out Toys

There are countless sex toys out there that people just are not willing to take a chance on for one reason or another and all of those reasons suck, and not in the good way. It is not bad to need some playful assistance. We are not saying you have to run out and go on a major shopping spree. You can start small by purchasing a little something-something and build from there, but like with new positions - you can’t knock something until you at least give it a shot.

Book a Vacation

If you have been fucking in the same location for far too long, your parts may just need a change of scenery to give them a boost.

Redecorate Your Room

If you can’t afford to take a trip at the moment, you can always redo your room. Either give your space a makeover thus giving your nether regions an updated space, or simply rearrange things to have a similar effect but in a more costly manner.

Enter Your Hoe Phase

I am a firm believer that everyone should have and deserves to have at least one hoe phase in their lifetime. A time in their life where they just fuck for the pleasure and fun of it all. Go for partners that are your type, not your type, get adventurous, and allow yourself to discover new sides of your sexual self.

Jerk It

The best way to know what you want is to give it to yourself first. So try new masturbation techniques and see if perhaps you have developed some new ways to be satisfied. Think of it as sexual self-care maintenance.

Work Out

Exercise can stimulate the body in a variety of ways, one of which may lead you to have more energy to actually improve sexually.

Read a Book

Bookstores are for more than magazine racks. They have an amazing array of books on sexual topics that can aid someone searching for a way to fix an issue they are having in the bedroom because sometimes it is not as simple as trying something new. Sometimes the change has to come from within.

Talk to Someone

Speaking of which, if you are struggling sexually with something and you can’t just buy something or try something, you may want to seek out a therapist to get to the root of the problem. Self-care is the best care and that goes for mental health just as much as your physical.