Article by Maya Vukvoska

I am not going to contemplate the Hamletian dilemma “To masturbate or to not to masturbate (and have a real intercourse instead)?”. And neither am I going to give you a Lone Sex for Beginners 101 lesson because I’m sure you’ve already passed that course with flying rainbow :) colors. I am about to tell you how to bring heaven to earth, and not with prayers or sacrifices, but only with the power of your two bare hands. Literally!

Men masturbate. And they do it not necessarily because they don't have a partner. First of all, masturbation and having sex with another human being are two different horses to ride. Having sex with a partner is, of course, great, and many prefer it over masturbation, one of the reasons being that you can’t put on Facebook you are in a relationship with your right hand. Playing with yourself, though, is less effort, fewer distractions, no conversation required, and last but not least, less risk of disappointment. I bet you believe you’ve been doing it right all those years since you first realized your penis serves not only for peeing. But your dick can become a much greater source of pleasure by making just a few changes in your usual routine. Here is how to make it happen.

Pay your balls some respect.

If you have ignored your testicles so far during a solo play, you definitely must re-evaluate their status. You’ll be surprised to find out how much they, being an erogenous zone, can boost your orgasm. Now, how to put those buddies in use? Take your cock in the reverse grip, and stroke the head of it with your pinky on each upward stroke. Make sure to apply lube before starting this, and I advise you not to opt for saliva because you’ll want something that stays wet longer. With your other hand, slightly pull and massage your balls. Meanwhile, try to stay focused on the area of your cock just underneath your balls - it should feel a bit spongey. Massage this ‘bulb’ zone towards the cock until you lure the load out.

Apply the start-and-stop technique.

I must warn you that if you haven’t tried it so far, it may sound painful. Plus, you need to have the psyche of a Jedi to perform it. But this mustn’t discourage you. On the contrary! Firstly, because this technique is very satisfactory, and secondly, because, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll spare yourself the embarrassment of cumming within two minutes every time you have sex with a partner. All in all, it comes down to not letting yourself ejaculate for at least 30 minutes. Start by masturbating normally, trying to keep a steady, not-too-fast pace. When you feel like you're getting close to cumming, stop the exercise! The trick is not to stop too early, but not to wait until the last second either. Relax and breathe. Take it as a yoga thing. It’s important that you rest for at least 60 seconds before continuing. Repeat the drill until you reach your time goal. Then you can unload. You’re welcum!

Praise the glans with your palm.

In this method, palms are your most useful tools. You lie back, spread your knees, and hold your cock (preferably erected) with one hand. Then you’re going to need your other hand. You rotate it around the head, but make sure that the palm contacts only the glans. No other part of the penis! You’ll feel a very intense feeling, and the urge to fiercely grab your cock and pump will be overwhelming. But you MUST resist the temptation. Instead, try to relax the muscles, and as long as you keep stroking this way, you won’t ejaculate too early. NB! This sexy exercise might lead to an involuntary peeing.

Ice shock your…. mind

You don’t need to call the rapper Ice Cube for this type of jerking off workout, but you’ll definitely need some ice cubes at hand. Start masturbating as normal, with or without lube. Just when you are about to cum, grab a handful of ice. Do not rub it onto your aroused penis, though! The sensation of cold in one hand and the heat from rubbing in the other will intensify the orgasm. Guaranteed!

Move south

… to the perineum. If you're wondering what that is, it’s the area between the anus and the balls, which is, in fact, a hugely underrated pleasure-point. Once you’re warmed up, apply firm pressure. A good back and forth rhythm will feel like a handjob. Keep in mind that during the exercise the penis goes a few inches into the body. To avoid digging in too deep use the whole flat part of the thumb, not just the tip. You can either go the gentle way, or the more rough one - depending on how sensitive your perineum is.