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Article by Kendra Beltran

We’d hope that by now you’ve all experienced what it was like to be happy in a relationship but have y’all ever been so happy you had to say it twice? Yes, being happy happy in a relationship doesn’t come easy. It isn’t every day you come across a man that makes the world seem picture perfect. Especially in a day and age where one scroll through your timeline could make you question every man, women, and child’s actions. A perfect partner is hard to find but when you do, you’ll know. In case you are on the fence of whether you’re happy versus happy times two, check out these clear signs.

Communication is Open

There are never any secrets with you and your man. Everything is out in the open and that means that when something is on his mind, it’s being said. Not bottling things up on either side is a sign that you not only respect what the other has to say, but there is an insane amount of trust keeping you two together.

Amazing Sex

Sex isn’t everything but honey, it sure has a lot to do with something. Even if your schedules get hectic and you can’t find as much time to fuck as you used to when you do it’s as glorious as hell. That’s because you’re so in sync with one another’s bodies.

Future Conversations

The difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now is that you obviously have no future with the latter so you don’t even think about it. You take it day by day and when it ends, oh well. On to the next. Mr. Right though, you two sit down and talk about what you’ll be doing years from now because you’re not just in love at the moment but in love for the long haul. Talking about the future when you’re happy happy doesn’t feel like a burden or give you anxiety because you have zero fears about it.

Stress-Free Vacays

All of the above is true but one of the most real tests a couple can take to know the status of their relationship is traveling together. From packing to waiting around the terminal to sitting bored AF on a plane, it’s all an endurance test for you and bae. If you’re wishing you’d bought a refundable ticket before your Uber arrives to take you to the airport than you aren’t happy together. Now, if you two have the time of your life waiting at the gate then girl, that means you’re happier than Pharrell in that damn song that’s now stuck in all our heads.

Forever Smile

This one is simple. If you’re happy happy, you’ll catch yourself smiling throughout the day for absolutely no reason at all. Carol from accounting ate your lunch - again - oh well, smiling through it.

Work is Tolerable

Speaking of Carol, the lunch stealer, even your day job seems like an okay place to be when you’re in a great relationship. That is because when you clock out at the end of the day you know who’ll be waiting for you when you walk through the front door.

A Balance Act

Finding someone that’ll literally be your other half isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’d be easier getting your mother to admit she was wrong about something. Nevertheless, there are instances where we find that one person in life who gives as much to the relationship as they take. You take turns when it comes to who has to tell your annoying friend to chill. Things like that are what makes you happier in this particular relationship than others in the past.

Nothing is Everything

At the end of the day you can be on the couch in sweats you’d never admit to owning with them and be 100% content about your life.

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