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Article written by Sam Machado

The act, itself, might be fun, but it's the part leading up to it that makes it awkward. When you're about to meet someone for meaningless sex, it can feel a little weird the moment you get out of your car and knock on his door. You don't know what this dude is like or if he resembles the photos he posted online. And when he opens the door and lets you inside, what do you say to him? How are you? Nice place? How big is your cock? No, really- how big? 

Hookups can have their own language compared to other first meetings. When you walk into this guy's house and have a seat on his couch, don't ask him his favorite horror movie, who his friends are, or what his second grade teacher inspired him to become. You're here to bang, not to date. You can keep an easygoing vibe without getting too many of his personal interests out.


Instead, you should ask more basic things. When you go into his living room (or bedroom), get a feel for what's around. Does he live alone? Does he have roommates? Is there a painting on his wall that catches your eye? Ask him about it or tell him you think it's cool. This will keep the conversation simple and make you look like an observant person with an interesting side. Sure, when it's a hookup, being “observant” isn't exactly what a man is looking for. But if you have a short conversation about something he likes, then your guy will see that you're probably a cool person behind that hot ass of yours. And that can help with a better connection- even if it is a meaningless one.

Make sure you're being polite. Don't be rude. Don't be desperate. Don't be irritated if he offers you a drink or wants to watch some TV with you before getting into the act. Even though you're his hookup, you are still his guest! And this also goes for the sex and when you leave- be polite- unless of course, he's being an asshole. In that case, feel free to make something up and get the hell out of there.

But if all is going smoothly, then remember that both of you are here to have fun. You're both gay, horny and looking to fuck. So enjoy it for what it is. Be nice and keep the conversations simple. If you do this, you'll walk out of his house with a fun memory you can jerk off to later.

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