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If you’re like most gays, you probably spend innumerable hours toiling away within GRINDR, or whatever you’re preferred dating app is. So too, you also probably spent in an inordinate amount of building your profile. Sure, the chat is where the real battle takes place, but a well-armed profile can make the difference between sexual victory or a humiliating retreat. Here’s some tips to help you build the perfect profile. ;)

First of all, the pictures are your bread and butter here. Make sure that they’re sexy and let your personality shine through. You know what your best assets are, so show them off! If you’ve got a juicy bubble butt, flaunt it! Similarly, if you’re fem, don’t pretend to be masc. Every quality is somebody’s thrill on GRINDR, so be yourself and you’re guaranteed to find true love (or at a least a good fucking).

However, Even if you have perfect washboard abs, include your face in the photo! Nobody wants to have sex with a decapitated torso (apologizes to those with a Headless Horseman fetish). I could be wrong here, but I’ve always preferred entire people to disembodied limbs. ;) And always remember the importance of good lighting!

As far as your bio, keep it short, flirty, and inviting. If you’re including some offensive line about excluding certain groups of people from messaging you, you’re shooting yourself in the foot, because most people are just not into bigots. :) Also, remember that a little Andrew Christian waistband peeking out from above your jeans will always bolster any GRINDR profile. ;)

If you follow this advice, you’re guaranteed to have a GRINDR profile that is irresistibly tempting. Once he messages you though, you’re on your own! ;)

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