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I think every guy with an uncircumcised penis is familiar with this scenario. You drop your underwear and he lays eyes on your dick for the first time, and suddenly he gets a look on his face as if he’s trying to read a metro sign in Iceland. And then he wants to conduct a full interview with you regarding the minutiae of what it is to be uncircumcised. So to save all of us some time, allow me to demystify the uncut dick for the curious and circumcised: pleasing an uncut dick is pretty much the same as pleasing a cut dick, with a few small though important differences.

One thing to know is, because the stigma against uncircumcised penises is still very much alive in America, it can do a LOT for the mood to give him a compliment. Uncut guys may dealing with self-consciousness about their dicks, so if you like it, let him know why. And show him. ;) Just try not to stare at with it a gaping jaw, or he may get the wrong idea. ;)

Also, it’s time to dispel the rumor that uncut cocks are dirtier than cut ones. We’ve all heard the horror stories about filthy cocks mummified in smegma, but the truth is, smegma is not really that much of an issue. Sure, if you don’t clean your penis regularly, it’s going to get dirty. But if you’re about to suck a guy’s dick, you’d better hope he just showered recently anyway. Hygiene is important whether you’re cut nor not.

On the other hand, the stereotype that uncut guys are more sensitive is pretty much true. Circumcision can sometimes lead to reduce sensitivity, so your rough cowboy gallop fucking style might need to be reduced to a trot. Go slow and see how much he can take. Just remember to pull the foreskin back when you’re giving him oral.

At the end of the day, all dicks are different. Communication and foreplay are the best way to get to know his dick and what he likes done with it. Maybe he’s super-sensitive, maybe he’s not. Maybe he likes getting a handjob with the foreskin going up and down over the head. There’s only one way to find out. ;)

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