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By Brittany Hancock

Reducing your plastic footprint in 2019 will not only help to improve our environment but can be economically beneficial as well. Recycling is an ideal way to reduce waste in our world but eliminating the use of plastic all together offers the greatest benefits to our environment. After all, recycling should be the last step in protecting our earth as it is a last resort when we cannot avoid the use of plastic. This article will cover some ways you can help as well as the financial gains you can achieve through doing so.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Typically, plastic grocery bags are not recycled. It simply costs too much to recycle every bag. For this reason, it is likely your plastic grocery bags will end up in a landfill somewhere. Even worse, these bags are lightweight and are prone to flying away to somewhere that they may cause harm to animals. To avoid this contribution of debris, opt to use a reusable grocery bag. They are typically not very expensive and can be found in almost every grocery store.
One bag can last you years. They are considerably more durable than a flimsy plastic bag and can even be washed if they get dirty. Best of all, you can actually save money with some reusable bags. Often grocery stores will offer discounts or rewards to shoppers with these environmentally friendly holders.

Reusable Mugs or Containers

Most of us spend our mornings heading out to the coffee shop of our choice. We walk in, grab a cup and pour ourselves a helping of our favorite to go juice. Likewise, you may stop in for a cold drink on a sunny day. While it may same more convenient to grab that plastic cup, it is unnecessarily waste of our plastic resources. Instead, you can choose to buy a refillable cup from the store of your choice. Nearly all stores have the option to buy one of these reusable mugs or containers. Further, they will usually knock off a percentage of the cost for your drink. Even if you only save fifty cents a day this can quickly add up to a healthy savings. So, the next time you are in your favorite store, try buying one of these containers. The earth and you wallet will thank you for it.

Buying in Bulk

Purchasing your products in bulk is another great way to reduce plastic waste. Companies tend to use less wrapping and packaging when compiling products into a bulk selection. Items that are sold in this manner also tend to cost less and will save you money. Additionally, by buying items in bulk you will save yourself trips to the store. This is beneficial to both your time and cost of gas. There are a variety of retailers that you can opt to buy from in this manner to help you do your part in conserving our environment.


Garbage bags are another killer of the earth. Piling up bag upon bag and sending your trash off to a landfill only causes harm to the world we have to live in. To avoid adding to this unnecessary contribution you can try composting. Composting is a better alternative to fertilizer and often a healthier option for efficient plant growth. It will also save you the cost of purchasing fertilizer. By choosing to compost certain foods and other elements you will send less trash out into the world. Some items to consider composting include fruit, eggs, coffee grounds, tea bags, rice, milk, and paper.

Streaming Online

DVDs and video games are encased in plastic containers then additionally wrapped with packaging that you will typically wind up discarding. This may seem like a minimal amount of damage, but even the simplest of steps to reserve plastic use can be beneficial. Instead of buying hard copies you can choose to stream your movies, tv shows, and games. Not only will this help to stop the overuse of plastic, but these platforms give you a wider variety. Typically, these applications will give you the option for a monthly plan. When you pay this once a month fee you will then be granted access to unlimited amounts of entertainment. What a great way to save money!

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets have a wide selection of locally grown foods, handmade accessories, clothes, and other goods. They also do not use the packaging of commercial retailers. By choosing to shop at a farmer’s market instead of other stores you help to support your local farmers. These markets also allow you the ability to potentially save money. Prices may originally be cheaper and if you feel a price is unfair you can often reason with a seller for a fair price. You will help to reduce plastic waste, save money, and support those who put out healthy grown goods.

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