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Article written by Maya Vukovska

In the beginning of a budding relationship, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. You eat steak, he eats kale, so what! But a few months and many, many carrots and potatoes down the line, you realize your different eating habits might be a deal-breaker. According to a recent survey, 76% of the informants are unwilling to go vegan or vegetarian for their partners. If you’re one of these 76%, or you are the vegan in the relationship who cannot put up with the omnivorous lifestyle of your partner, you have a problem, my friend! But we are here to help you solve it with these 5 relationship survival tips.

Be practical when cook

It takes twice as much time and money to shop for and cook two separate meals as it does for one. And that’s actually the biggest issue when two people on different diets cohabitate. But that shouldn’t necessarily be so .Consider, for example, making vegan-based meals. Adding meat or cheese to a salad, pasta or stir-fried dishes is a lot more practical than fixing a separate meat dish from scratch.

Avoid the dining-out drama

Going to a new restaurant can be a disaster for an inter-dietary couple. That is why a French restaurant, for example, is almost always a bad idea, because the French love their foie gras, and camembert, and the butter has an iconic status in their culture. A vegan won’t survive a dinner at such a place, because even the salad entrées contain a lot of cheese, eggs and mayonnaise-based dressings. On the other hand, the food at a restaurant bearing the name “The Raw Kitchen” or “The Greenish Gourmet” will make any meat lover deeply suffer. So, in order to avoid the drama, you need to do a research before trying a new eatery. Look up the menu online or call the place to make sure there are food options for both of you.


Do not tease each other about food choices

Dating a vegan is a challenge; it’s like dating a political activist. And, honestly, a hardcore vegan can get really annoying when nagging their partner about eating a burger for which an innocent calf had to die. That’s why, it’s essential that you stop making each other’s lives miserable about food choices. Within a relationship, vegans should learn how to be more tolerant and understanding towards people who love their beef and bacon, and meat eaters should be more mindful about the ethical aspects of the vegan dietary practice. I don’t want to sound like some boring shrink, but positive communication will definitely help you handle dietary disputes. It’s not that difficult, really. And next time when he, the omnivore, grills an enormous steak, or he, the vegan, prepares a tofu Tikka Masala, just remember that’s the guy you love and care for, and not some food extremist.


Experimenting in bed is good, but experimenting with different cuisines may be better and even become your new favorite leisure activity. Be adventurous and taste food from countries you’ve never even been to. Submerging in a universe of uncanny flavors will help you overcome the adversary attitude you have towards each other’s diets.


It’s simple. Choose a day in a week (or a month if it feels like too much of an effort) when each of you cook the favorite vegan/non vegan dish of the other. And don’t you dare say that it’s gross!

If, however, nothing helps, and things don’t work out with your partner, do not despair! No two people can share all the same values anyway. But next time, when you’re looking for a boyfriend with the same dietary habits as yours, just look for him at the right place: a vegan venue or a steak house.

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