Article by Maya Vukovska

A lot of men determine their worth in bed based on how many guys they’ve slept with. It’s a strictly subjective thing, of course, and it shouldn’t be like that, but it is. Naturally, guys who are less sexually experienced feel like second-class lovers. They are inclined to create a self-fulfilling prediction about their sexual performance that is sometimes impossible to overcome. Well, I am here to tell you how to turn your “defect” into an effect, and tip you about some useful techniques, which do not involve genitalia. Here come 7 ways to make your much more experienced partner gasp in surprise and admiration.

Take It Slow

Sure, you’re worried about the forthcoming show because you haven’t learned your lessons yet, and you are not familiar with the proper techniques your partner would expect from you to know in advance. But don’t freak out! Being a good lover is less about the technique and more about the build up. The fact that your partner has made a name for himself as a sex warrior who’s swung his sword in many, many battles, doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate some gentle foreplay. Remind him sex is much more than hard work and sweat. Tell him to relax and start touching him all over. Anticipation and teasing will make his cock desire you like hell.

Dry-Brush Him

If you are in the kissing stage, THIS is definitely going to blow his mind, because it’s a completely different feel than the usual wet kiss. This is how you do it. Make sure your lips are as dry as possible, and zephyr-likely graze them across his forehead and down to his mouth. Dry brushing is a unique experience because the face is covered with vellum hairs, and a slight touch will trigger this invisible fuzz, thus generating sublime shivers. And if you have big expectations about your relationship, this kiss will definitely help strengthen the emotional ties between you two.
If you don’t believe me that a simple kiss can do more wonders than a giant cock, do try this one, and you won’t regret.

Play Fire-and-Ice

And again, you do not need to be the gay Casanova to learn and apply this trick to your much more experienced lover. However, you must prepare in advance. A cup of coffee and an iced drink will do the magic. Take a sip of either beverage, and then press your hot-or-cold lips to his inner wrist. The veins close to the surface serve not only for the paramedics to check if you are still alive after a car accident! This area is extremely receptive to touch, and by doing the thing with your lips, you’ll activate both temperature and pressure-sensitive nerves. You’re probably wondering how to choose what drink to “wear”. Here’s an idea. It’s July, you’re having a picnic, and not only is your boyfriend hot, but so is the day. The high temperature calls for you to go for some ice water for this exercise. I promise, your beau will greatly praise your creativity!

Give Him a Hands-Free Massage

You may think, “A massage without hands? Get the f*ck outta here!” But wait! Don’t judge without ever having tried giving someone a shiatsu massage using your tongue instead of your fingers! Massages usually soothe you to sleep, but NOT THIS ONE! When you use tongue onto the nape of his neck instead of your hands, it’ll make him go from relaxing into…racy.

Humming Is the New Fucking

This, my duckling darlings, is one of the sexercises that is going to blow his balls off. Maybe not literally, but near so. At first, it feels a bit weird, but the payoff is worth it. Humming creates vibrations, and the effect on one’s neck, ears, thighs, and, oh, yes, butthole, is sensational! If done right, your mouth and lips will be doing the same job as any regular sex toy. But only better! What’s more, changing the pitch of your voice will create a whole rainbow of sensations. Lower pitches: slower vibrations. Higher pitches: faster vibrations. And a possible complimentary cum. Please, it’s on the house!

Nibble On His Nipples

You may doubt this, buy he’ll be both pleasantly surprised and grateful that your interest is focused not entirely on his penis, but on other parts of his body. You already know how to use your tongue and lips. But you’ve got teeth, too, that you can put into action in between licking and sucking erogenous zones, like the nipples. Try gently nibbling on them for a different feel and added excitement.

Interrogate Him

Asking questions using a softer, but authoritative voice can be sexy. Ask him what he’d like and how he’d like it. And don’t forget to tell him what YOU want, and that you expect him to take your request into consideration. He’ll be more than happy to oblige!