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Article written by Kendra Beltran

I've always said first dates are like job interviews. Only instead of getting a steady income at the end, you get the possibility of sex or a legit relationship. Nevertheless, the back and forth of questions and answers are similar. It's like, when at any other time in your life would you ask someone about their favorite color? Yes, that's happened to me on a date. My response? Purple and yellow, and I believe he said pink as in "pink fluorescent lights." I'm not proud to admit I fucked that guy in a shady motel but hey, you're only young once, right? My bad judgments aside, here are some other first date questions that signify that it's time to get the check and run.

"What's Your Favorite Color?"

What does someone's favorite color signify for you? And sorry to those who are into it, but it's like asking for someone's astrological sign. It literally means nothing or hey, it could mean the world to them. But in the grand scheme of things, these aren't really questions that let you get to know someone. Better questions are things like, what color do you wish you could paint your place if we weren't stuck renting forever, or simply - where were you born?

"Are We Splitting This?"

For me, whoever does the asking does the paying. Is that a common assumption among people? Yes, they could want to split the check but they shouldn't just flat out ask. Especially before the meal and drinks even arrive. That's just not a classy move.


"When Was Your Last Orgasm?"

What? That's not something you ask on a first date. That's the kind of stuff you text about late at night when you're getting your initial flirt on. You know what I'm talking about. Those late-night texts that eventually turn into sexts. Yeah, keep the dirty talk out of the first date. But once you've gone out a few times, those questions are totally okay for IRL conversations.

"Have You Talked To Your Ex Lately?"

It's totally normal to want to know that the person you're interested in isn't still harboring feelings for their ex, but on the first date? That seems like they're digging for excuses not to be there and it's not the slightest bit cute. If you talked to your ex last night, it's none of their damn business because this is a first date - not a wedding night.

"Do You Practice Any Religion?"

What have we always been told, don't bring up religion and politics like that. Plus, out of all the things in the world to talk about, why choose that? Unless you two previously shared a text or DM about religion, then we guess it's okay...

Anything Political Out of Nowhere

Just like religion, if you two have talked about politics via text before your date, then it's all gravy and fine. However, if you're not the slight bit political on your profile and neither was he and he starts campaigning during your first date, take a step back to assess the situation. You two could share the same views but in many cases, politics can lead to arguments like no other.

"Have You Ever Seen a Dead Body?"

This one is probably the biggest red flag. Here's the thing, unless you stated on your profile that you work as a cop, in a hospital, or at a morgue - that's the weirdest damn question anyone can ask you on a date. First or otherwise. Don't become the first dead body he sees and get the hell out of there before it's too late!

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