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Odds are, if you’ve participated in anal sex, then you probably have experienced an anal fart (that is, a fart which happens during anal; I grant that all farts are technically anal). Although not discussed often, anal farts are pretty much inevitable for certain for certain cock-asshole combos. When you have a dick acting as a plunger, ramrodding air into your rectum, that air ultimately has to come back out. Love it? Hate it? Anal farting is here to stay.

For some, anal farting is so goofy, embarrassing, and / or unsexy that it successfully disrupt the sex. And not even just among the most prudish--I’ve seen a good fart send a top cackling off the bed and writhing on the ground in hysterics. The issue is the same though. We should never allow farting, a natural part of anal sex, to ruin it for us.

If it makes you feel better, anal farting can be thought of slightly technically different than regular farting. Think less emphasis on poop. The farting is an equal and opposite reaction to the amount of fucking that has been done. Loud farts indicate great sex!

Also, it’s no secret that farting feels good. As I’m pretty sure the old saying goes, “Sex, sex, a magical art. The more you fuck the more fart. The more you fart, the better you feel. So let’s have sex with every meal!” Something like that. Anyway, anal farting can be thought of as a bio-mechanical vibrator that stimulates both your own asshole and cock within. Doesn’t sound so bad now, huh? ;)

It really is in your best interest to learn to love anal farting. At the end of the day, it’s just another idiosyncratic grotesquerie of the human body--all of which are beautiful. Part of sex is letting your guard down and giving your whole self over to your partner. If you’re blushing at a fart, then you’re not meeting those criteria. So next time you let a big one rip on the schlong of your GRINDR date, don’t blame it on a barking spider. ;)

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