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Article written by Maya Vukovska

Do all gay men think of anal sex as the holy grail of gay sexual activities? No, but if you are yourself an anal sex aficionado, and you like to bottom, you’ve probably already realized that it’s no cakewalk finding a guy who’s on the same page with you anally speaking. So, the question is: How to find your perfect anal king without investing too much time and effort? Without further ado, we are here to help you find a guy who enjoys anal sex as much as you do!

He looks and behaves like the Alpha male

That’s the first “symptom” of the anal king. Anal sex feels pornographic and naughty to many people, both gay and straight. But being into anal sex has actually little to do with perversity. If we were to teach a Psychology 101 class, we’d say that a guy’s desire to bumfuck someone stems from his subconscious craving to feel dominant. They expect from their submissive partner to give up control to them, their dom. How to recognize a dominant partner? Well, they are confident, cocky, and rough So, do not expect them to look neat and groomed like some guy from a toothpaste commercial.

There’s a 50% chance he’s 50% straight

Almost any woman will tell you that her partner has asked for anal at some point in their relationship. Even begged for it! For many heterosexual guys, anal sex feels much better than vaginal sex, and the explanation for this cannot be simpler: the tighter the opening, the better. In their search of tight buttholes, bixsexual guys can easily end up in other guys’ beds. To them, taking a fellow man from behind feels like next-level sex. For one, the anus is much tighter and there’s more friction.

He’s shamelessly seductive

The anal king is never shy. His dominant nature is put on show not only in bed, but through his overall behavior. He’ll flirt with you in a blatant manner and will send you suggestive texts. He’ll create sexual tension by squeezing your hip or touching your neck. Even when in public.

He’s a professional

For the experienced anal king, hanging around the anus is “just another day at work.” He knows his stuff and is extremely skilled in butt play. If his partner is a little tensed and nervous, he’ll be open to discuss what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen before he attempts anything. Once you give him permission to proceed, he’ll probably start with some old-fashioned butt play. First, he’ll hold his pointer finger against the sphincter and apply a bit of a pressure. Then, he’ll insert the finger to the first knuckle, just a couple of centimetres, and will slowly slide it in and out the butthole. Once the finger is fully inserted, he’ll move it around in circles. Thus, he’s getting his “workplace” ready for the real action - a full-blown penetration.

The anal king doesn’t like to be analyzed

Power dynamics in gay sex are not a plain ‘either-or’ thing, and many tops are willing to change their routine from time to time. However, the ultimate anal king is a totally different species. of gay He is not comfortable with switching positions and is definitely not a boundary-breaker. Versatile doesn’t work for him, and bottoming is absolutely out of the question. So, don’t even try to persuade him to take turns. He’ll only laugh a Clint Eastwood laugh and leave you high and dry. He just doesn’t care about democracy in bed. He only wants to be the top. Fullstop. But hey, wasn’t that what you have been looking for in the first place? So, shut your mouth and let the anal king fill you up to the brim!

He may have a “soft” side

What you, as a bottom, may find surprising about the anal king is that he’ll be actually expecting you to be in control. If they want (or are allowed to by their doms), the bottoms can choose to get on top and ride the cock at their own pace. So be prepared for such a turn of events!

The bottom line is that you’ll know you’ve found your perfect anal king if he checks in with you and respects your needs. And if you are both enjoying yourselves, that’s a pretty good sign that sex is also pretty good!

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