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Article written by Kendra Beltran

Some couples go above and beyond for Valentine’s Day and then there are normal people who realize that budgets are there for a reason. So when you want to celebrate the day of romance and fucking but do not want to have to clean out your bank account that is already struggling - we suggest going for the low or no cost date ideas. They deliver Valentine’s Day vibes but do not leave you having to take out a loan to pay rent in March.

Recreate First Date

We only suggest this if you are not some Royal Prince who flew their man to Dubai for their first date. We are talking about a fucking walk in the park, the meal, maybe even the ensembles. Remind one another of how it started so you can be even more happy about where y’all are now.

At-Home Concert

When you can’t get out to a concert because the tickets are insanely priced or...I don’t know, live music is not popping at the moment, head on over to YouTube and create a playlist of live performances that you and your partner will love. Plus, how else would you ever see Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Britney all in the same night?

Porn Marathon

Okay, so you know how we just told you to make a concert playlist out of live performances you find on YouTube? Now this is the exact same plan as that - only you use your favorite porn site! Try and pick the clips that are straight to the point because really, this date idea is not about the plot - it is about those money shots.

Self-Care Night

If you do not want to go search out videos for various playlists, but still want to deliver something that is satisfying then plan a self-care night. Face masks, massages, mani/pedis - the works! And the best part is that you can do all of this from your living room.

Thrift Store Makeovers

Those who want to head out for Valentine’s Day but do not want to spend their entire paycheck on one night, we advise giving one another a small budget (no more than $20 each), going to a thrift store, and picking out a new ensemble for one another. It is something out there, silly, and get new clothes for cheap!


Whether you have a newly thrifted outfit or not, a striptease is always an appreciated and cost effective way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Make Dinner

It seems simple enough but there is a lot that goes into making a decent meal at home and while fucking them later that night will be amazing, there is something oh so satisfying about watching someone enjoy a meal you put real effort into.

Sex Games

You can either pick up a dirty game online for no more than $30 or make something up. Either way, the night will end with both of you naked.

Fake It

Couples that have been together longer than a Christina Aguilera vocal run sometimes have a hard time getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. When in a rut, simply play pretend. Agree on a place to meet, but when you approach one another - be two completely different people. Start flirting in character and see where the night takes you.

Model Nude for One Another

Speaking of winding up naked...why not start the night out that way? You can choose to go about this any way you want. Paint one another on canvas, use one another’s bodies as the canvas, sculpt, or even take photographs of each other in a little makeshift boudoir session. In the end you will get to experience a hot piece of ass long before the sex begins, and each have a piece of art in the end.

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