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Ah, manscaping--my favorite portmanteau (with “mansplaining” coming in as a close second). From all the dicks I’ve seen in my day, it’s become clear that my affinity with this concept is something not shared by all men. That is to say, not everyone participates in the practice of manscaping nor deems it necessary. I will concede that some guys can pull off the let-everything-grow-everywhere look, but it’s a very small number. And for the rest of you, here’s some advice to help your pubes look posh. ;)

I always use the body’s overall hair distribution as a starting point when beginning a manscaping endeavor. You want the ratio of hair-to-skin to be balanced and harmonious. As a general rule of thumb, if your face and body are hairy, you’re allowed to be hairier around your cock. But if you’re a hairless twink and I have machete my way through acres of brush to find your penis, then a little manscaping is order. ;)

Also, here’s a tip for you guys with unkempt lions’ manes: if you shave just the base of your shaft, it creates an optical illusion which makes your dick look longer. There’s absolutely no reason not to keep this part clean, unless you're self-conscious about your dick being too big. ;)

When shaving your balls, there’s no such thing as too much lubricant. You know how delicate those guys are. Make sure you use a real razor and proceed with the utmost caution. And when your done, always use lotion to avoid razorburn. So too, newbie shavers should never shave their ass before a date, lest they face the wrath of those little red bumps. You need to wait a day let your skin settle down and allow the smooth ass to reveal itself.

For your boys who like to wax, make sure you’re doing so at regular intervals, usually around every three to four weeks. Waxing willy nilly can damage your skin and prevent you from getting the ideal hairless look.

The most important part of manscaping though, is loving your penis and the way it looks. Whatever makes you happy is a good look for your pubes. But then again, if guys keeping wrinkling their noses at your erratic, wiry smegma stick, then it might be time to consider manscaping. ;)

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