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Get intimate with our Trophy Boy Model Contest Winner: Nick Mascardo

What Andrew Christian model are you most excited to work with?

Topher and Arad

Who is your biggest celeb crush (boy)?

Tom Daley

Who is your biggest celeb crush (girl)?

Jennifer Aniston! Hands Down!

Tell me about your coming out story.

So basically, I worked a job as a lifeguard and someone in the company asked me if I wanted to hang out and go for drinks. Before I knew it, there I was questioning my life decisions laying in a bed with a  guy next to me. My acceptance of it took a while - at first it was just a drunk thing. Then it changed to a summer thing, and the eventually it became a life choice. It wasn’t until the Andrew Christian interviews and contest that I actually “came out”. My coming out story is what you guys have gotten to experience with me. Everyone who has seen the contest is a witness and a part of that story!

How did coming out affect your relationship with your parents?

It actually caused a better relationship to form. My parents and I were never really close; whenever I had an issue or needed to talk to someone I always went to my friends. Once I entered the Andrew Christian Model Contest my parents found out that I was bisexual. Instead of ignoring it or freaking out about it, they actually used it as an excuse to come into my life more. The experience of my coming out actually made them realize they did not know me as much as they wanted to. So now my parents are learning more about me and the LGBTQ community. Thanks to Andrew Christian not only did I get to come out and learn something about myself, but my parents got the opportunity to learn something too.

Nick - Age 19

When did you lose your virginity?

When I was 19! Unfortunately it was to a girl at a random party on Valentine's Day!

What is your diet like? Any healthy eating tips?

I eat everything. I am a foodie. So my diet isn't the best, but I believe that as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle fitness wise and do everything in moderation then you'll be fine. So only 1 pizza a day ;)

What is your workout routine like?

24 hours 7 days a week! I never stop “working out”, life's a workout. But if I had to answer honestly I would say I work out 5 days a week for an hour a day. But what really keeps be cut is the 20 mins of cardio every day! I don't particularly care for cardio, but what you don't want to do, is what you need the most!

What is your policy on taking nude photos?

As long as it's tasteful and has Andrew Christians name somewhere in  it :P

 How has becoming an Andrew Christian model shaped your relationship with your boyfriend?

Right in the gate we knew this contest and possible job would cause some issues. Andrew Christian’s brand is centered not only around underwear but also on sex appeal. That being said it is always hard to see your man in the arms of another. But my boyfriend and I knew what we were getting ourselves into: a job. This wasn't going to just be for me, but also for him. Luckily, the Andrew Christian Company is a very professional company and everything is very work oriented. Yes, the photo shoots and events are fun, but they are a small part of the profession. So to better answer your question, we will be moving to San Diego in May to start an awesome new life. That includes having my title as Andrew Christian 2016 Trophy Boy and Andrew Christian Model!

How is your move coming along?

Very fast! I’ve signed my lease already in San Diego and I am all boxed up! These next couple months are Pride months and everything is so busy between being The 2016 Andrew Christian Model Contest Winner and newly becoming one of the Stoli Vodka Boys! But I am always on my toes and ready to move forward so everything should work out perfectly!

Who is your favorite drag star?

Monica Heart (Princess of Pensacola). I also like Trinity Taylor from this season of "Drag Race". Have to represent queens from Florida!

What are some places you would love to visit?

I would love to visit Europe and Asia!

Late night Twerk Outs #teamnick #andrewchristian #actrophyboy @andrewchristianintl

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What was the last concert you attended?

My last concert was an Ariana Grande Concert at the Smoothie King Stadium in New Orleans! So much talent in one area! It was more of an inspirational event then a concert. It just showed me how much work it takes to please not only others but yourself. Ari is such an amazing person to see in concert and she gave 200 percent to the audience! Can't wait to see her again!

If you could design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

Probably a low-waisted brief with a thick waistband. I would throw some different camo color designs out there to support all of our guys and girls in the services. Plus who doesn't love a man in uniform?


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