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While some of us happen to be staying safer at home with our significant others, there is a great deal of you out there holding up at home with family, roommates, or alone. If that’s the case, your sex life has come to a fucking standstill. However, have you ever thought about the people who have...what we will call “interesting” sexual fetishes and how they are dealing with the COVID-19 situation? Forget the worry that comes with hooking up with a random person in this current climate. Think about those into poop play! The germs girl, the germs! That is just the start of it as we tip our hat and say we are sorry to those with interesting fetishes whose world has truly been turned upside down this year.


With many public places still closed down to help stop the spread of COVID-19, those who love to fuck in them have had a lot of their go-to spots taken away at the moment.


Quorofilia, otherwise known as hand fetish, is where the person is turned on in a major way hands. Either they are attracted to a specific part of the hand or the act of the handjob. With your hands being the ultimate germ factory, people with quorofilia are going to want to think twice. Who knew hand sanitizer would come in handy, no pun intended, during sex for some?


Those who get hard as fuck when touched by latex have taken a step back to let that material go towards making gloves for healthcare workers. Good news though, they may be able to stray into balloon play.

Group Sex

Right now we are supposed to be playing it safe and only fucking with people we live with, sexually and platonically. Plus, large groups are not a great idea right now. Every time a large gathering happens there seem to be more and more outbreaks. Sorry group sexers!

Random Sex

What did we just say? You can’t be messing around with people you don’t live with, especially if they are a random person you just swiped right on. Even if they say they feel as fine as Matt Bomer looks, that should not cut it. Be smart about who you let into your space right now, and who you let inside of you.


We mentioned this earlier, but we had to come back to the poop play. For those who are not familiar with this fetish, people with scatophilia get aroused poop. Usually, that means having someone drop the kids off at the pool on them, or being the one to go number two. This is the last thing you want to do in a world that is so focused on germs right now. If you have to wash your hands 20 seconds after you’ve been out and about, can you imagine how long you would have to clean after participating in poop play?!


While poop is probably the worst thing to have on you during sex, others like to get dirty in other ways before and/or during fucking. Those people have salirophilia. There is no way anyone should be packing germs onto their body right now.


Licking eyeballs? Okay, never heard of this one but if we are not supposed to be touching our eyes, pretty sure that means licking them is off-limits.


Exhibitionists get off by having others see them in all their nude glory. With more and more people staying home and there being a limited amount of places open at the moment, exhibitionists don’t have that many people they can expose themselves to.

But worry not fetishist, this will all blow over soon and we hopefully can return to our strange kinks! :)

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