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When he was 18, Seth Knight got into porn to get back at his ex. Now he's one of the most successful and popular stars in the industry. Who would've thought this cute little twink would blossom into a dominating hunk who takes control like a wild beast?!

You never know what to expect when you're watching this Latino hottie. His videos are always a surprise. Is he about to stick his cock up a tight hole? Or, is his ass so perfectly spread that it needs a hard pounding? Who knows? The end result is satisfying, regardless.

Check out our latest exclusive with Seth as he dishes on being in control, his major arc in porn and more!

Can you give some insight about who you were before becoming a porn star?

Hmmm, before I was just a Texas boy working in all the bars in Austin at 18. I definitely was a cookie cutter boy. Basically, monogamy... and I didn’t do any of the stuff I do and like now.

What was it like getting started?

It was definitely an experience. I was flown the next weekend. Shot three scenes and made money. It was also my first time every douching haha.

What is it about being a porn star that you love the most?

Traveling. And the people you meet and become friends with.

You were really young when you got started and now you have a lot of hot manliness in your videos. Do you feel like you had a boy-2-man transition as a porn star?

So yes. In porn, to keep going you should always re-invent yourself. So I did just that like three times. I needed to gain weight and get more fit, and I did just that.

Any scenes you've done that really stand out for you?

Rawfuckclub scenes. It’s amazing to see a raunchy dirty side of me that I never imagined.

Is there a particular type of guy that really turns you on?

Tatted. Muscle. Or silver daddy. It switches haha.

What advice do you have on being a power top?

It’s not about how big; it’s how you use it.

How about being a power bottom?

Don’t say you're a power bottom if you're not truly a power bottom.

What do you do to make sure your guy is totally satisfied?

I make sure he cums!

Are you more of a blowjob man or a rimjob man?


Favorite positions?

I like someone on their back while I fuck them so I can look at the feeling and expression on their face and know they're enjoying it.

Favorite place to cum?

In their mouth.

What is the sexiest thing your scene partner can do for you to make you really in the moment?

Call me daddy hahahah!

What's a fun fact about you that fans might be surprised to hear?

I do hair in New York City for celebs and the rich.

What do you want to say to your audience who can't stop fantasizing about cumming all over your face?

That it’s cute, but I know they will be the ones taking my cum on their faces hahaha.

Your audience is likely obsessing over your cock, ass, tattoos, chest, etc. Is there another particular trait you want them to notice more? Your beautiful smile, perhaps?

I don’t always show a smile. I hear that the most- how beautiful it is when I do. So probably that!

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Happy Holidays! And thank you for being a fan and supporting me through the good and bad times, and hope to keep performing for y’all!

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