Today we bring you another startling tidbit from the exciting realm of steamy BDSM sex: a technique known as post-orgasm torture. So what is this mysterious and chilling term all about?

Everyone is familiar with the disappointing scenario of cumming too soon. For some, a premature ejaculation can mean an unsatisfying conclusion to the sex act. But for practitioners of post-orgasm torture, this is where the fun begins. These guys like to take advantage of that hypersensitive state which occurs in the penis directly after cumming. During this time, even the gentlest touch can feel like an overwhelming tsunami of intense pleasure. Now imagine what a furious, relentless handjob that doesn’t stop when you cum would feel like. ;)

There is fun to be had by both parties in post-orgasm torture. The feeling can be so intense that it may even lead to a second orgasm. And for subs who love to be tied up and abused, there’s nothing quite like giving yourself over to whims of your sadistic master.

So too, for the doms, the pleasure in watching him squirm in beautiful agony as he fails to handle the immense pleasure you’re giving him can be a real boner-inducing experience.

As with all of the more outlandish sex acts, be sure to use the safe word. And 100% always make sure you have received loud and clear consent from your partner. The feelings of post-orgasm torture can be very intense, even painful, so never surprise someone with it. Always practice BDSM sex with caution and communication. If the idea of post-orgasm torture interest you though, maybe give a try. Sex doesn’t always have to end with an orgasm. ;)