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Okay, so Pride is not really about gifts like say...Christmas, but with Pride events around the country canceled or going virtual this year due to a mothertucking global pandemic, we thought it would be great to show your friends you are thinking of them during Pride by getting them something nice. Whether that means dropping it at their door or having it delivered, it’s the thought that counts. And we do not mean to sound cocky but they are going to think you are fucking fantastic after you give them these.

Pride Retro Gym Shorts

These are the perfect Pride gift because they not only have a cute rainbow detail, but they are also great for lounging around the house. Which nowadays, who doesn’t do that? The perfect pair of shorts for them to get their TV binge on.

Pride Heart Flag String Banner

It is not enough to just say, “Happy Pride,” right? So take it up a notch and make sure your friends and loved ones’ places are decked the hell out with enough Pride decor that will make them feel like they’re amidst the parades and festivals all within the comfort of their own homes.

Pride Shooting Star Large Clap Fan

Our all-new Pride Shooting Star Large Clap Fan features a fun, limited edition shooting star print and bright Andrew Christian lettering! This brand new piece is the Pride accessory or gift! Although, you’ll definitely need one for yourself, too! You may need to grab more than one of these fabulous limited edition pieces!

Drinks, Drinks, & More Drinks

When we hit Pride, many of us do it with a drink in hand. So if you all can’t hit the bar together, then send the bar to them. Send or drop off a bottle of their favorite drinks and mixers, and then schedule a Zoom call with them. Throw your own virtual Pride with all the alcohol inspired fixins.

Rainbow Pride Sandals

With Pride comes summer and everyone knows you can’t do summer without a new pair of sandals, and they don’t get much cuter than these.

Pride Sailor Hat

The best thing about gifting your besties sailor hats during Pride is that they will 1) Look 100% hotter on their dating profiles when they snap pics in them and 2) They can’t say no to you throwing a Sailor-themed Virtual Pride Party because they already have a perfect hat for the occasion.

Food Honey, Nourishment

There is no denying that local eateries need our help right now, and you know how much we like to get our eat on with everything from late-night eats after a night at the club to nursing a hangover the next day at brunch. Sadly though, it’s not as easy to do that in some areas. So instead of sitting at home not enjoying time out at your favorite spots to eat during Pride, see if they’re offering takeout or delivery and hook your friends up so y’all can eat together one night, or early afternoon depending on what you’re into. Make sure though that there are mimosas if you’re brunching.

Rainbow Pride USB Cable Protector

Hey, who said practical gifts aren’t cool? Absolutely no one over the age of 25. With so many of us working from home, we all have cables everywhere for our various chargers and whatnot. So when this USB cable protector comes, your techy friend will be overjoyed. We guarantee!

Disco Pride Unicorn Beach Towel

Yes, beaches are not quite ready to handle you and your friends' fabulosity just yet but that does not mean there is ever a bad time to get someone a beach towel. That is especially true if they are lucky enough to have their own pool or an area where they can tan.

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