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Article written by Kendra Beltran

We matched, went out once, and fucked. I thought it went well enough because you went down on me but when I text you a day later, nothing? Wow, being ghosted is not the easiest thing in the world to deal with but it happens more often than not to the best of us. Why though? Oh, honey, there is a multitude of reasons why we're out here being ghosted left and right. And while it is not ideal, that is just the tea. So let's spill.

Too Thirsty

Despite what IG "models" put out into the world, not everyone is out there looking for someone that constantly sets thirst traps or is always sending dick pics. Perhaps you were with a guy who likes someone who is willing to play hard to get, or at least semi-hard. You may have been putting too much out there for him to take and once he saw how easy it was, he took it and then ran.

Weak Dick

Do not get offended! We're not saying this was YOU, but it could be someone reading this. You fucked and thought it was the greatest night of both of y'all's lives when in reality he left and texted his bestie about the worst dick he'd ever had. Maybe you had an off night and didn't realize it until you were left on read?


A Total Snooze

This is a growing problem due to social media and our inability to step away from our phones, but some you have two personalities. Not like you're two-faced. No, it is more like you have an online personality and a real-life one. You know exactly what I'm talking about. When you are the most lively, lit person on Twitter and Instagram, but then you get in a room with a guy and you are as interesting as a documentary on cement. It is all cool if the dude you went on a date with was fine fucking around via the internet, but not for someone who wants to actually get to know a real human being.

Too Extra

When one brings drama to a first date or late-night hookup, that's a big ol' NO. Would you want to take someone out for a round two if they spent the entire first date ranting about their ex, their backstabbing best friend, Carol from accounting being a bitch? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

They're a Fuck Boy

It is not always you though. Duh! In a lot of cases, the dude that ghosted you was never going to call you back no matter how great the conversation or the dick was. They got what they wanted and bounced. That's just the Fuck Boy way.

Ex Feels

In some cases, a person is still hung up on their ex when they think they're ready to head out and start dating again. If you just so happened to swipe right on a dude that is still in the phase of his life, you never stood a chance. A way around that is to vet them beforehand. Don't go all FBI on their ass with the questions, just simply ask when their last relationship was. If it was within a few months, don't be afraid to dig a little bit deeper to assess the situation.

Just Not Feeling It

You can't get mad when they ghost you for no other reason other than they just weren't feeling you in that way. Yes, it'd be nice for them to tell you, even with a text, but hey - that's just the case sometimes. One of those, it's not you it's me thing we've seen one too many times on screen.

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