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Article written by Kendra Beltran

If you’ve ever introduced handcuffs into the bedroom, you have George A. Carney to thank. Over 100 years ago he introduced the world to the modern-day sex toys we know today. Okay, so perhaps when he came up with the new design he didn’t imagine that one day they’d be used for pleasure, but hey - we can’t be sure that’s not a purpose he intended! Nevertheless, handcuffs have become a staple in bedrooms around the world, but have you ever given a second thought to what positions would benefit from some restraints? If you haven’t, you’re in luck because we’re about to give you all the recommendations so that you can enjoy handcuffs in creative new ways.


We’re starting with a classic we all know and love, and that is the divine 69. You know the drill here. You both get your oral pleasure on, but what if the person acting as the 6 to this equation was handcuffed with their hands above their head? Whether cuffed to a bedpost or just with their hands together, this will allow for their mouth to put in extra work because they won’t have their hands to help with the dick situation going on. Work that jaw, honey!


For this one, we’d suggest the one getting their dick sucked should be handcuffed with their hands behind their back. Play into that submissive role and let your partner do what they do best without interruption.


This one is for the lovely bottoms out there. This is a versatile one where you can have your hands in front of you, or behind. The placement of your cuffed hands won’t affect the pleasure impact you’ll have being bound while getting railed from behind.

Ankle Grabber

More specifically, imagine you’re in a sort of hogtied position where your hands are handcuffed in a way behind your back over your legs. Your partner then goes behind you, in the space between your legs, and takes you from behind. Make sure to stretch before this one, it’s not for those who skip their daily yoga routine.

Eiffel Tower

Time for those doing the thrusting and heavy lifting to get in on the action. If you’re into adding a third person into the mix, the two of you can handcuff your hands behind your back and really get to new levels as you go in on your third partner in this wild ride.

Pile Driver

If you’re on top, you need your hands to steady yourself. So this is another one we would advise the bottom to get cuffed up in.

Standing Tall

Sex while standing can be tricky, but if you have an exposed pipe that you can handcuff yourself to, it will help keep your body up and ready for whatever your partner has planned for the night.


For those familiar with the crab position, you know it takes a hell of a lot of core strength from all of the involved parties. So we don’t recommend handcuffing during this one unless you hit the gym more than a few times a week. If you are a total gym rat, then by all means, please take the crab to new heights by implementing some handcuffs next time.

Any & All Teasing

When you are handcuffed, there’s nothing really stopping your partner from doing any and everything they want to your body. Handcuffs definitely allow for subs to get more dom in the bedroom because their partner can’t control the situation anymore. So subs, please proceed with caution, but have fun as you start down this path towards total sexual domination.

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