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Article by: Claude Shy

2019 is here, at least for the next 12 months, so buckle up. Maybe you feel like a lot of people and feel that 2018 just wasn’t the year for you. Sure, there may have been ups, but maybe you didn’t cross everything off your list that you wanted to accomplish in those seemingly short 365 days. Did you leave 2019 feeling a little sexually vanilla? The dawn of New Year can be a turning point full of opportunity and exploration. At Andrew Christian, we’ve got your back. We want you to have the sexiest year yet so here are a few ideas to spice up this year.

Go on one hot date per week

Alright, these ambitions may be a little high, especially if you work full time and can barely make time for yourself. But hear us out. Try to schedule at least one hot date per week. Maybe you’ve had your eye on a piece of eye candy on a hookup app for a few weeks or months now. Ask him out. It can be as simple as coffee or as kinky as a leather bar. Just gather up your self-confidence and shoot your shot. Try to do this once per week to really dip your toes in the water. It’s empowering, it’s fun and it could lead to a real connection that you weren’t expecting.

Check at least one thing off your “fuck it” list per month

Do you have a running “fuck it” list? For example, do you catch yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish that I experienced something more public or kinky this year”? If so, the start of the year is the perfect time to reflect on where you’re at and set some goals for yourself. A fresh 2019 can be the promise of a year full of exciting, sexy times as long as you put in the effort. Choose 12 things that you’ve always wanted to do or things that at least pique your sexual curiosity and write them down. Each month, look at that list and try to cross one off. Maybe by the end of 2019 you’ll be a seasoned sexual veteran. Along the way, you’re bound to find things you really enjoyed and maybe even some things you’d pass on a second time around, but guess what, at the very least, you’ll have a better idea of what you like and what you don’t like.


Take at least one sexy pic per day

This one is all about self-love. We all have days where we feel great and days where we feel not so great. The idea is to embrace all of those emotions. Take time out of your day to really reflect and appreciate yourself by snapping at least one sexy pic. At the end of 2019, look back on what you’ve captured and revealed in the fact that for at least one moment each day, you looked and felt sexy. Who knows, you may even discover a few angles that you didn’t know worked for you. (Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram: andrewchristianintl)

Step outside your comfort zone

Similar to our second resolution, this serves the purpose of discovering new things that you like. Maybe those things are different types of guys, different positions, different ideas, etc. This works better with an example. Let’s say you typically gravitate towards the muscular boy-next-door type – go out on a date with a daddy bear. Is your first date typically coffee or lunch? Maybe go out to a drag show. Do things (both sexually and non-sexually) that have maybe seemed off limits to you. This will open your eyes up to new experiences you may not have been privy to and could really expand your sexual and romantic mindset.

Communicate more of your sexual thoughts and desires

Communication is an often-overlooked component of being or feeling sexy. Surely you’ve left a guy’s house feeling unfulfilled, having bitten your lip to not say, “You’re great, but whatever you’re doing down there isn’t working for me.” Communicating openly and effectively is one of the many tools to being happier in multiple aspects of life from work to sex. This year, if something doesn’t feel good, say it. If there’s something you want to try with someone, say it. Absolute worst case scenario, not much will change. But at least you opened up the possibility of experiencing something great!

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