Article written by Maya Vukovska

Andrew Christian’s mission is to give gay men sexy underwear that accentuates the package. Yet, for some people, mainly in trans and drag circles, it is essential to achieve just the opposite, i.e. make the crotch bunch disappear and be as inconspicuous through clothing as possible.

How DF do they do it? Here is our how-to-tuck guide for beginners.

What’s genital tucking?

I remember the first time when I saw a naked male person who’s trying to appear feminine by hiding his genitals. It was a scene from Silence of the Lambs (1991), where the serial killer Jame “Buffalo Bill” Gumb (played by Ted Levine) is posing in front of a mirror at his house with his dick pulled in between his legs. I was quite shocked by the view, but thоse were times when nobody talked openly about transgender people and what it takes to look as authentic a woman as possible. We didn’t have the Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and very few people back then would have understood what Mama Ru means by saying, “Ladies, you can untuck backstage”. But now we all know… more or less. Tucking is when you pull both the penis and the balls behind the legs, or move the testicles upward and place them on the lower part of the belly before securing them with tape or a special type of underwear.

It’s a soft-balls game

You start the process by shaving or waxing your pubic hair in case you’ll be taping the whole business. It must be done not for aesthetic, but for anti-masochistic reasons - to prevent pain and screaming from removing the tape afterwards. Taking a cool shower before tucking will make the process more bearable. The number one rule before attempting tucking is to make sure your penis doesn’t look like a wiener, but more like overcooked noodles. In other words, the softer, the better.

How to achieve the ultimate flat look

The trickiest part of tucking is when you push the balls inside the ball sockets, a.k.a inguinal canals. And this is where your ovaries would have been if were born a biological woman. You start by pushing the testes up those sockets and pulling the skin back and behind the butt crack. Then, you fold the shaft over and lay in between your legs - no need to pull it far back towards the crack. Once the balls are shovelled into the sockets, you shouldn’t feel pain when doing that last part of the tucking.

Securing the tuck

You can’t just pull your junk between your legs, put on your favourite pair of loose boxers and hope everything’s gonna be alright. First of all, you need a pair of spandex underwear that’s gonna keep everything in place. Some trans women and crossdressers choose to wear a swimsuit for that purpose. A gaff is also a popular option - it’s a pair of compression underwear that can be worn with or without a tuck by both transgender people and cis males. For extra security, you can additionally wear the Cammy type of leotard with little strap hooks on its bottom - it will prevent your underwear from sagging , thus making the tucking loose.


If you opt for that type of securing the tuck, always use medical tape! Make sure the area is well shaved and dry before applying the tape. Normally, you are keeping everything in place by passing the tape around the hips. However, if your hips will be visible, you run the tape from your pelvic floor up to your lower spine. You may wonder which method is better - using tight-fitting underwear or taping. Bear in mind that if you choose to tape, you’ll have to undo and re-do the whole thing every time you need to pee. That’s the reason why people who tape drink less fluids and refrain from peeing while they’re tucked. This can lead to bad consequences for your health like dehydration and urinary tract infection. So, if you ask me, use the tape only if you really have to - when doing a Shakira dancing number wearing only a high cut leotard, for example.

Oh, and one last piece of advice. If your penis is too long and touches in an unpleasant way your butthole, you can either tape it to the side of your thigh or apply some Vaseline to the anus to reduce friction.
With that said, we wish you good luck and… don’t fuck it up!