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Dear Agatha,

I'm not a happy camper. I consider myself to be on the finest bottoms in my town. I'm thicc in all the right ways, and men tell me that my ass is more addictive than most narcotics. However, the man whom I currently allow to top me has one little gripe that may soon ruin or relationship. And let's just say, I'm not ready to say goodbye to this cock. So here's the issue, when I'm getting fucked in the ass, I generally am NOT hard, and if I am, it doesn't last for long. I don't know why, but this has always been the case. Obviously, I'm still enjoying it, but my partner wants to me to cum at the same time as him, and I, as a rule, cum afterwards. Is this a case of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object?

Please advise,


Dear Chauncey,

Some bottoms stay hard, some stay soft. It shouldn't matter to your partner. Going flaccid is a natural physiological reaction to anal penetration. Your body is like, let's focus on one erogenous zone at a time. Your partner is acting selfishly. Besides, if he wants to see your hard cock and cum at the same time as you, then there's plenty of other ways besides anal to accomplish that.


Agatha Spilltea

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