Article written by Maya Vukovska

Go-go boys are back... and are sexier than ever! But what are the hazards of dating one?

Gay nightlife without the boys dancing in tight-fitting briefs is like a birthday party without a cake: possible, but less fun! After two long years of gay clubs being out of business due to the COVID pandemic, now, the go-go dancers are finally back. It is a matter of fact they are an epitome of sexiness, but the question is - can they also be boyfriend material?

A very short history lesson

The term “go-go” derives from the old French word la gogue for “happiness”. The very first go-go dancers performed in a bar called Whisky a Gogo in a town near Cannes. In the late 1960s, many gay clubs had male dancers but it wasn’t until the 1980s that go-go dancing became really popular in NYC clubs thanks to Madonna who was probably the first performer to include go-go dancers in her music videos. By the end of the decade, go-go dancing had boomed in nightclubs throughout Western World and Asia.
Here’s a fun fact: In today’s club scene, gay go-go dancers greatly outnumber the female ones, and that’s a big turnout from the 1960s!

The quintessential gay dancer

There are a couple of prerequisites for one to become a male go-go dancer. The physical appearance is, of course, of primal importance since you are supposed to be in underwear all the time. Although there is not one established body type (most clubs recruit a variety of body types to cater to different tastes), it’s an absolute requirement that your body's in top shape.

The body may be the most important asset of any dancer, but it is equally important to know how to move it. Especially if you have to do it standing on a small platform! Some guys even take dance classes before they apply for the job because it's essential to be able to dance to any tune the DJ throws at them. The up-and-coming dancers do not hesitate to spend a lot of money on fancy underwear and swimwear (AC of course!) that flatter their body features because they know that the investment will make them even more money.

And last but not least comes the attitude. A successful go-goer, i.e. оne who gets his socks and briefs stuffed with tips, knows how to radiate fun and sexiness, and connect with the audience. He also knows how to be friendly and approachable without crossing the lines as he’s always in control of what’s happening between him and the customers.

Why is it a challenge to date a go-go dancer?

It’s not a “yes” or “no” question. it’s really up to you how you’ll feel in a relationship with a person who dances half-naked amid an exhilarated crowd of potential lovers. I once talked to a guy who was dating a go-go dancer in a club in San Francisco. Of course, he realizes that “you are not your job,” and yet, he can’t help but hate what his boyfriend’s doing for a living, making him constantly feel guilty about that.

The most common reasons why one would feel uncomfortable with their partner dancing in nightclubs are insecurity about their own value as a boyfriend and lack of trust.

Also, some people tend to misinterpret wearing revealing clothes as a form of cheating, and that could be another reason to be jealous, hence angry at your go-goer.

How to deal with the feelings of mistrust

Regardless of anything a go-go dancer may say to convince you that it’s an OK job, the truth is that what he’s doing on his little box is selling sex. Or rather say, the idea of sex. It doesn’t matter if he goes home to his boyfriend, or the Pope - the clients want to take him home with them… and fuck his brain out. Knowing all this, it must be hard for sure to find peace of mind and stop prophesizing that sooner or later, someone from the crowd will eventually steal your man. But it's not impossible.

However, if you’re trying your best to curb your mistrust and jealousy, but you still feel miserable, then you have two options:

Option #1: You ask your boyfriend straightforwardly to quit his job. The biggest drawback of this option is that if he refuses to do so, the misery will turn into agony, and you’ll end up in a nut house. But if he does quit, it will only make you feel worse because, deep in yourself, you’ll know it’s been selfish and narrow-minded of you to ask him this in the first place.

Option #2: You call it quits, and go find yourself a good, well-mannered, and fully clothed Amish boy.

And by the way, good luck with this one!