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Article written by Alexander Rodriguez, host of On the Rocks with Alexander

Even though we should all be hiding behind closed COVID doors, the party doesn’t need to stop and Drag Race alum Shuga Cain keeps the bops coming with her debut single, Sweet Love – a sexy mashup of ‘90s flair and modern-day drag goodness.  Shuga has never looked better, and we are living for it.  Plus, the Latin boys in her video make me want to fill a piñata, real bad.  The video, filmed under COVID safe protocols, showcases Shuga’s comedic timing, love of tarot, and her goddess curves.    

Shuga Cain’s path to success was a short one, she gave up a six-figure corporate job to try her hand at drag and was quickly cast on Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  She is a diva masturbator, I mean master baker, and mixed her love of drag with her baking abilities on Gimme Some Shuga, a six-episode mini-series on WOWPresents Plus.   

During quarantine, she has been volunteering her time by appearing in Pride and LGBT events digitally throughout the nation; her topics include themes of self-confidence and living your dream.  We all could use a spoonful of Shuga.  I had a fun chat with Shuga as we talked about tucks, relationships, and, of course, Sweet Love.   

 What tips do you have for the perfect tuck?  

Tie that bitch in a knot, super glue that hoe in-between your ass cheeks, and hope for the best! 

What mistakes did you make in your early days of doing drag?  

Girl, EVERYTHING! I was a hot mess! That paint was SO HARD and not in a good way! A brick comes to mind.  

What is your favorite part of doing your makeup?  Least favorite part? 

Taking it off is my fav! LMAO! I love doing my eyes! Least fave is my eyebrows, getting them to be long- distant relatives is a chore.  

How does maintaining a relationship at the same time as being a drag superstar work?  

Get you man who loves himself some drag queens! Gilbert is super supportive and knows that this is all-encompassing. He’s patient, confident in himself, and is having a great time along with me. But it still takes work, no matter how busy I am I always make time for us. Making time is the most important. 

How have your DMs changed since your time on Drag Race?  Any fun pics you want to talk about?  

I wish! LOL!  All the girls talk about the DMs and how many dick picks they get on the daily, but since the kids know I am engaged and have been with my partner for 10 years, all I get is birthday shout out requests or requests to do shit for free! I think I’ve gotten like 2 risqué DMs and they were NOT good! 

What is the most “un drag” thing you do in life?  

Well, before the quarantina, it was biking and running. Now, I’m living my HGTV fantasy. I’ve been redecorating/remodeling our apartment. I’m always painting or installing something or making shit from scratch. I love a good D - IY  

Any juicy gossip to share behind the seasons of your time on Drag Race?  

Yes tons, but I wanna do AllStars, so my lips are sealed! 

We love Sweet Love!  What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for someone in a relationship?  

Thank you!! I am a romantic! Geez, I  have no idea. You’re going to have to ask Gilbert about that. LOL!  Oh! this one Valentine’s Day I covered the apartment with red hearts and each heart had something that I loved about him or us.  

The vibe in Sweet Love is REAL – who are your biggest inspirations in music and art?  

I’m a 90’s kid so I love Janet, Mariah, Paula. All the 90’s house music trax. I’m all about nostalgia, but making it current, fresh, and new.  

The boys in Sweet Love are hot!  Does your partner give you a hall pass?    

MY BOYS!! I Love them so. They’ve been with me since the beginning. As hot as the boys may be, the hubby does not allow hall passes and I’m quite alright with that.  

There are a lot of macho ideals in Latino culture.  How did your sexuality, and now your drag, affect your relationship with the Latin community?  

The Latino culture is known for its Machismo, but have you seen us? We are GAY AS HELL! I  swear every Latino I meet is an LGTBQIA+ They are either out or on the DL! LOL, I’m proud to be a Latina, and I feel the love from the community. You either hate us or love us and those that love us, love them some AZUCAR! 

What do you think about RuPaul’s Vegas Drag Revue show?  Do you think the show accurately depicts what happens backstage?  

This show is SO EXTRA! LOL, I love it!! I think it depicts the backstage life to an extent. We’re not crazy all the time, but it does get lit sometimes! 

Have you told Ru you want to appear in the Vegas show when it comes back?  

Yes! Who doesn’t want to slay on that Vegas stage and then make up some unnecessary drama for TV?  

What would your strategy be for coming back for AllStars?  

Show up and show OUT, like legit show out. I’m about to act a damn fool and look sickening doing it!  

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear?  What would they look like?  

It would be like a brief, purple of course, with a sequin purple rose acting as a trap door in the back! #HauteCoutureRoseBudRealness 

Watch Sweet Love here!

Follow Shuga on Instagram: @MissShugaCain 

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