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It’s like every time we breathe, there goes $30 from our account. Living is expensive and it’s really rude that our landlords and the bill collectors don’t cut us some damn slack, right? Ugh, well because we have to live in a reality based around money...some of us don’t have at the moment...we’re here to discuss some side hustles you can do to cut the financial stress in your life in half. We’ve got some that are G-rated and some that are a little more risque but they’ll all get you paid.

Drive Ride Share

If you have a car that’s not a total hot mess and live in a city that has a crap ton of people just waiting around for a ride, then do yourself a favor and start taking advantage of those poor unfortunate souls that never learned about public transit. Their bus fail is your total gain. You can do it in your spare time or just whenever you need to make some extra change for a getaway. The best part is that your schedule depends solely on you.

Club Dancer

We’ve all seen those hot ass dudes dancing at the club, half-naked, showing what their mama and daddy gave them. While some aren’t making enough to pay the entirety of their rent, they’re making something just by doing what they may have been doing anyway. So stop shaking it for free and see if any of your local hotspots are hiring. Then pick up a few shifts.

Deliver Food

We’ve truly transformed into a society that loathes leaving the couch once we’re parked. While that can hurt our health, it means someone out there is getting paid to bring the rest of us everything from our fast food orders to wine. Yes, WINE. So if you liked the idea of driving around but didn’t want people in your car - delivery is the next best side hustle option.


Bartending isn’t just something you did in college at a frat party. It’s a real skill that does take some learning. So if you want to earn the big bucks and bartend those private parties and huge events, make sure you get the training and then go into business for yourself. This is something that can truly go from a side hustle to a mainstay.


Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, blogging went from something we did at teens and tweens on MySpace and LiveJournal to a legitimate career choice. The best part is that you can write about anything nowadays and get paid for it. It’s all about finding the site that’s right for you, and one that pays. Always make sure they mention how much and when they pay so that you’re not working for nothing.

Fetish Model

We told you it was going to get a little risque. So we all know that what turns people on varies so fucking much that while ass and dicks may do it for most, there are people out there who get rock hard thinking about feet, the nape of the neck, armpits - you name it, there are people out there jerking off to it. We’re not saying you have to go full-on into any sort of porn, but do know there are people out there willing to pay for a few shots of your toes, or other body parts. Just remember to keep your face out of the picture.

Dog Walker

This seems innocent enough but the only reason we’re suggesting dog walking is that you can 100% use your furry clientele to meet guys because hello, dogs are total hottie magnets. It’s a win-win. They get walked and you potentially get fucked - in a good way.

Phone Sex Operator

You may think this is a dead industry because of the internet but people are still dialing up people to make their wildest fantasies come true. And the best part is you can do this from home at any time during the way.

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