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It is not uncommon for one friend to fall for another. Especially when you two are as tight as Ricky Martin’s pants in 1999, spend all your free time together and can basically finish each other’s...sandwiches! We mean, sentences. But there’s a problem when your friend is your female bestie and you just aren’t into vajayjays in any way. So before she goes and gets her heart broken chasing dick she’ll never catch, here are some telltale signs that she’s that into you when you’re just not that into her.

Her Type is You

You’ve been friends long enough to know what type of guys she’s into, at least physically. So you very well know whether or not you fit the mold. If you do, that could just mean she finds you attractive and nothing more but let’s face it, if you like what you see and also love the person attached to the hot physicalities - you’re going to start catching feels. So take note of how many exes of hers you resemble and then have a little talk because you can’t let her think that one day y’all could be more than just friends just because you’re easy on her eyes and are a great listener to boot.

She’s With You 24/7

We all have those friends we absolutely love spending time with but there’s a time when enough is enough and you need to have some space. If she’s refusing to get her own life outside of what you have it could be because she’s hoping that you too love to spend every waking moment in her presence. It also means that if she’s with you all the time then she’s obviously not dating or fucking. This is a problem because it could be that she’s holding out for you even though you know that ain’t ever going to happen.

Group Hang Style

When you two do hang out in a group, she always manages to be right by your side or gets you two away from the crew to have a mini-hang session. That’s because she wants all of your attention, all the damn time.

You’re on a Pedestal

Take Will and Grace for example here. For so long she thought Will was the most perfect man in the world and every other guy failed in comparison. If she’s stuck comparing every guy to you, she’ll never be able to move on and find someone that can actually love in the way that she deserves.

Boyfriend Hater

She always seems to have a negative opinion about who you date. When yeah, not every guy you’ve brought around is an A+ but surely they all haven’t been duds. She could just be trying to keep you single so that you have more time for her. Think about it…

“Our Kids”

She’s said more often than not how you two would make beautiful children.

Social Media Hawk

No matter what time of day it is, if you post something she’s the first person to like it 9 times out of 10. Which isn’t that weird but is that not how we are when we want someone to know we’re all about them these days?

Drunk Dials Tell All

Has your female bestie ever drunk dialed you and left you voicemails that profess their love to you? Honey, that wasn’t because she was drunk. That was because she finally had her guard down and was able, to be honest. If a big conversation didn’t happen after she did that, better go call her up now and put all the cards on the table.

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