Article written by Kendra Beltran

With the weather finally warming its ass up, it’s time to take all y’all’s asses out to the great outdoors and take full advantage of getting romantic with a side of vitamin D(ick) tossed in the mix. After a lot of time indoors, and we mean a fucking lot, it’s now time to get outside and not just by your lonesome. Oh no, swipe right, take your shot, and when the date is set - take them out on an outdoor date that will surely land you either a second date or at least some great sex. Either way, it’s a win-win situation when you leave your house and enjoy great outdoor date ideas.


One of the first dates I had with my partner was a trip to a hiking trail I didn’t even know existed in a place I’d lived for well over a decade. So not only will a hiking date help you discover new sights in your area, but also give you an insight into one another. Test your endurance alongside one another as you take in nature in a way that can be as easy, or as hard, as you want it to be. We recommend newbies to the trails taking on the easy ones. Another recommendation is to take plenty of water, snacks, and a blanket so that when you reach a great spot - you can settle down for a picnic and makeout session to celebrate conquering a day out on the trails.

Park Picnic

Those who love the idea of the blanket and snacks but aren’t fully committed to spending the day in the mountains can always opt to take the easy approach to an outside date and that’s heading to a local park for a simple picnic. To enjoy this outside date, even more, put all phones in the picnic basket and just focus on one another. From having an actual conversation that is void of posting on the ‘gram to people watching and getting to know one another that way - you can’t go wrong with a date idea that dates back eons.

Beach Please

Those lucky enough to live near the beach know all too well how a great day next to the water is always a grand idea. So why not do that with a date by your side? You can swim, play around, and even take sun-soaked naps with one another. Yes, the point of a date is to talk but like, also...if you can’t nap with a potential love interest, then you know it’s not meant to be.

Bike Ride

Bike-friendly places give way to the perfect date because there are endless ways you can approach a day out on two wheels. You can just keep it simple and ride with no purpose other than being with one another, if your city has a lot of outdoor art you can plan a bike tour and take in the creativity of your city, you can pick a destination and ditch the car and bike there. Again, the possibilities of a bike date range more than enough to make them work for every pair.

Drag Brunch

With many restaurants implementing outdoor dining, it’s easier now more than ever before to enjoy a meal while getting kissed by the sun. So if you have a bountiful drag scene in your area, take advantage of eateries offering Drag Brunches near you. A date, a show, and a great meal? You can’t go wrong with that triad of goodness.

Get Sporty

Last, but certainly not least we have a date idea that centers around balls. Whether you want this to be about just the two of you with tennis or a one-on-one basketball game, or you want to take on the task of organizing a group date where you can then implement flag football or some dodgeball, sport-themed dates are never a bad idea if everyone involved is down and you know no one has is a diva when it comes to winning (or losing). Plus, if this is a first-date situation, it can take the edge off of both of you.