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Article written by Sam Machado

While everyone has their own preference on giving and getting, the taller guy might want to be the one on the receiving end. When you're about to go at it with your partner, one might assume that the one who “takes it” has to be the smaller one. It's fun to have the bigger guy topping, but honestly, there can be something pretty damn sexy about breaking the rules and getting on all fours when you're the bigger man. But the actual act of bottoming when you're 6'3 and the top is 5'5 is not an easy process. Being a tall bottom is quite the roller coaster with ups and downs. Isn't that what makes it so exciting?!

Above the Stereotype

For all you tall tops out there: don't assume that just because the other guy is smaller than you, that automatically makes him the bottom. Size does not always matter and his sexy confidence could make him more top material. There is nothing wrong with looking down at that small guy and giving him the chance to be the jackhammer. Sometimes it's a lot more fun to let the shorter one take control especially since this gives you an opportunity to do more.

Here's a bit of logistical advice: When shorty is on top of you, wrap your long legs around his waist. Then get on top and straddle his waist so he can get the vision of that Amazon figure above him. And let him see what you're packing back there when you get on all fours. Then he can spoon your bulky torso when you're doing it sideways.

Making it Less Awkward

If you're tall and you already enjoy being the bottom, it's not just a struggle as far as the stereotype for guys who assume tall means top and short means bottom. But it's a serious struggle, physically. When you're on all fours, the top might have to stand up to do you from behind. Or, worse, he has to be somewhere between standing and kneeling, which makes it awkward for everyone. So what's the best way to accommodate? Spread your legs more and lower your torso down to give your pounder some leverage. It also might be easier if he's at the edge of the bed. And if you want to ride him, start off gently so he's not crushed.

There may be plenty of times when there are no rules for how you'll bottom as a tall guy. Sometimes you just have to dick around with it until both of you are at a comfortable level. And if that is your main preference, just know that you will most likely be the one to make adjustments. The shorter guy, unfortunately, can only do so much for you.

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