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Article written by Maya Vukovska

In the beginning of your relationship, you thought you loved him so much you couldn’t stand an hour without seeing his face. And voilá - one/two/three years later, fate has given you what you wished for - being 27/7 together with your significant other, the love of your life. But how happy are you really about this fact? Is there any part of you that's 100% stoked? Quarantine puts all relationships to the test, even the most successful ones. With no pretense of being professional psychologists, we’re sure you can still use our advice on how to better cope with the situation.

Create boundaries

The biggest issue about being at home together with your partner 24/7 in a small apartment is that it gets difficult, or even impossible to balance your different needs. Let’s say, you want to get some academic work done, but your boyfriend likes watching his fave Netflix show real loud. Ideally, you resolve the problem by occupying separate spaces. He keeps watching in the living room, and you take your laptop to the kitchen. If you can’t do that, you still can create some boundaries. Ever heard of headphones and earplugs?

Recreate your honeymoon

You can’t make the butterflies start flapping their wings in your stomach again the way they did when you first saw each other, but you can at least recreate your most memorable date. (In case it didn’t happen on the edge of a cliff at Niagara Falls, of course!) Cook something together, dine by candlelight, watch a comedy, drink wine, have sex. It may sound like just another evening at home, but if you put an effort and add extra romantic and sensual flavor to it, you may actually turn it into an awfully lovey-dovey Hallmark film. And after a couple fo drinks, transform it into an adults-only movie.

Think about the perks of the situation

You can’t even imagine how many people envy you that you’re stuck at home with a lover, and not with your sister’s family, your mom, or, God forbid, a flatmate with abominable hygienic habits. The mere fact that you are in a relationship at a time of pandemic is already a great benefit. Those guys who live with people they have no romantic relations with must constantly lock themselves in the bathroom in order to have a decent wank. While you can have sex (and not only with yourself!) at any time, really. You lucky SOB!

Do the “quarantine-within-the-quarantine” thing when pissed

He is on Skype with his mom/sister/James-from-the gym/his BFF, and normally you’d not even notice. But now, for some reason, these seemingly endless conversations are getting on your nerves. Instead of letting your anger escalate, just quarantine yourself in the…closet. Maybe it sounds mega stupid to you, but there’s a chance you might find this type of confinement strangely soothing and relaxing.

And one last thing, guys. If you happen to be officially married, try to remember the good old marriage vows that you two exchanged. If you paraphrase them a little, then they’ll sound like this: “For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in quarantine and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part…”

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