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Sucking dick--for most, it’s an inevitable part of being a gay man. And you’ll certainly get no complaints for me about it. Almost everyone guy I’ve ever met could rally under the banner of the blowjob. Sure, we all love GETTING blowjobs... but what about the love for sucking cock, without expecting anything in return? What about sucking dick for its own sake, just for the intrinsic pleasures of oral? Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the ways in which being the one to suck doesn’t suck at all.

If you’re a selfish dick sucker and count down the licks until it’s your turn like a goddamn Tootsie Roll Pop, then you need to stop and reevaluate the situation. Unlike when you’re masturbating to porn, the thing that’s stimulating your dick during a blowjob is an actual real sentient person. Your main focus should be on his pleasure, but there’s also plenty for you to enjoy as the sucker.

The next time you’re sucking a dick, in your mind, take inventory of the numerous sensory splendors. The mouth-feel--to be savored like fine wine. The flavor--a bit pungent, but delicious. The little moans, grunts and squirms he does to indicate his pleasure. You did that! You earned those! And of course, the cum can be enjoyed on all these same levels.

Just think about how hot it is to suck another guy’s dick. I mean, how can you not be into that? Like, just stop right now and imagine sucking a hot guy's dick. I can only assume that if you don’t like sucking dick, then you’re either sucking the wrong dicks, or just don’t know how to do it.

Some of you may still not believe that there are guys out there who will happily suck your dick and not expect anything in return. Honestly, I just feel bad that one such man hasn’t yet blessed your life. Keep searching. Unrequited cocksuckers are out there and they will change in your life.

Meanwhile, next time you give fellatio, suck his dick first and then be done. Don’t expect anything in return--only give. You just might discover something about yourself.

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