Article written by Alexander Rodriguez, host of On the Rocks with Alexander

Drag queen, comedian, and entertainer Kay Sedia is currently living her life, bringing her bigger than big personality (and hair) to Taco Bell brunch audiences around the nation. In a first for Taco Bell, the franchise is celebrating Pride season with a mission to bring some color and inclusivity to its restaurants.

With her signature accent and branded look, she has been entertaining audiences for over two decades as a Tupperware selling maven and part of the comedy drag troupe, Chico’s Angels. Her skills have landed her appearances in just about every kind of venue as well as appearances on The Real Housewives of Orange County and Netflix’s AJ and the Queen. As if she wasn’t busy enough, she is also presenting her one-“woman” show, Taco Kisses, the celebrates her superstardom with some songs, amazing stories, and surprise guests. Not all of her success is on stage, though - Kay and her husband are parents to an adorable 5-year-old son. She can do everything!

Kay stopped by between taco-eating sessions to chat about her Taco Bell campaign, how she got into drag, and her obsession with watermelons.

What was your first exposure to drag?

I began in the pageant Quest for the Crown back in 2000 as Miss Mexico Kay Sedia where I was named the first runner-up (I was robbed!). A week later I graced the stage at Drag Strip 66 which led to a long collaboration with Mr. Dan who also ran the drag comedy improv troupe, The Plush Life. It was there where Chico’s Angels was born and soon after, my Tupperware career.

Drag has given me a wonderful creative platform. Kay has blessed me in many ways and she is my prettier side...well at least …. SHINIER!

What was your first time doing drag like?

It made me tingle - honestly, it makes me feel like a big clown! I love making people laugh and Kay is a big pinata. She might give some people nightmares ... mostly wet dreams!

What are the essential ingredients for a perfect quesadilla?

Lots of Cheese (just like Kay - she is so cheesy!) and I love fresh homemade guacamole! But never forget the sour cream.

What is your obsession with Tupperware?

I love giving longer life to veggies! It's true - Tupperware can make your vegetables last longer up to 2 weeks! It is a joy watching my lettuce die a slow death rather than eating it. Not to mention I love having an audience week after week hanging on every word I say as if I know what I’m talking about.

What are the must-have Tupperware pieces that every gay kitchen must-have?

The Tupperware can opener is one of the best sellers and helps stop can shavings in food. But I also love the Tupperware spatula, it’s a must! Can you spank with it? Yes! Can you cook with it? Why not?

Chico’s Angels has been a long-running success – what do audiences love the most about you girls?

I think they loved the diversity of each Angel and their background. Plus, how the Chico's Angels fumble through a case and somehow manage to solve it. They are a family, they love and hate hard.

Who is the biggest diva in Chico’s Angels?


You are a real-life daddy…what do you love the most about being a father?

Reliving all the things l loved as a child through his eyes. Not to mention feeling like a child again and watching him explore and discover new things. My husband and I are truly blessed. He brings us so much joy and he is a little ham just like me. He makes us laugh.

How did you get involved with Taco Bell?

I ate a lot of Taco Bell and they found me in a booth! LOL, Kevin Stea was looking for a drag queen to help Taco Bell pitch the Drag Brunch idea to the franchisees. What’s more on-brand than Kay Sedia. The pitch was a success and they ask me to host the Taco Bell Drag Bunch Tour.

What have you loved most about touring their Drag Brunch across the US?

Meeting all the new Queens around the country and introducing the world to Taco Bell's amazing Breakfast menu. Drag queens and Taco Bell is the perfect combination!

Did you get any pushback from conservative Taco Bell audiences?

Any pushback was irrelevant, in all honestly, I didn’t pay any attention. Taco Bell had a bigger message of inclusion and they teamed up with the It Gets Better Project, and I’m happy to be in this partnership.

What are your favorite Taco Bell menu items?

A quesadilla, duh! But I never meet a taco that never made me happy.

What is your favorite part about being Kay Sedia?

Being Shiny! .....and making people smile.

Besides Tupperware, what is a funny/unique hobby that we would be surprised to learn?

I’m obsessed with watermelon tchotchkes! I have an entire collection from purses, and key chains to knickknacks.

What can we expect from Taco Kisses?

Kay's journey from childhood to finding the man of her dreams. Plus a few fun guests and of course a few fun songs and a costume change or two! ..and maybe a getting my taco kissed! Too much? 🙂

Is kissing while having a mouthful of tacos a good idea?

It's a bit crunchy but yes, it's a good idea!

What tips do you have for bottoms who love Mexican food?

Bottom first then eat tacos.

If you were to design a pair of Andrew Christian underwear, what would they look like?

Kay Sedia sliding down a watermelon with a zipper - it makes it easier for drag queens to pee.

Where can we find and follow you?

Kaysedia1 on all platforms

Check out everything Kay Sedia at aye aye aye!